How to Answer Correctly and Ace your Job Interviews

Do you remember when you’re young and you’re very eager to get a job because you think it’s easy getting one? and now that you’re older and applying to different companies, you then realized that getting a job is not an easy as you thought it would be.

One of the hardest stages when applying is the interview, we know that speaking with an officer can be quite intimidating and some might experience uttering of words or worse, having a mind block in the middle of the interview.

But fear not, we listed down helpful tips on how to ace your interviews.

Know the company’s background

Some interviewers are asking about who is the firm’s competitors your thoughts about the company’s position in the industry, prepare yourself by doing some reading and researching about different employees testimonies and research about the few industries that can possibly be the firm’s competitors.

You may also ask some testimonies of the people you know who are working there, maximize your connections.

Prepare yourselves with some basic interview questions

Some basic questions in the interview are crucial, like what are your strengths, what is your education background. What you can do is try to list them down in a paper and read it over and over again, you may think that you are well equipped with this information because basically, it’s yours but trust me there is a huge possibility that you may forget them when you’re on the spot.

First Impression

Remember, the first impression lasts. As soon as you enter the interviewer’s room you need to make an impression that you are professional and you’re ready for the job. Sit properly and avoid slouching. Smile and act like you’re confident.

Different types of interviews

Remember, there might be a lot of interview stages before you get your dream job, some companies even had three interviews all in all. Also, there’s a big possibility that you might be interviewed with a buddy or in a group, this type of interview usually happens in call centers or companies who are mass hiring.


Practice makes you better. You may start by coming up with different questions and answer them like you’re in an actual interview. This will help you analyze how well you do when it comes to speaking, you may also record yourself and watch it afterward to critic yourself. With this, you will feel confident and impress the officer with your confidence and positivity.



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