Business Ideas for Stay-At-Home Mothers

Being a stay at home mom works just as hard as a working mom the only difference is that working mom earns a good paying mom while staying at home mom may or may not be earning as much. At this point in time, we need to be more practical when it comes to earning and spending money; we need to think of ways on how to earn money while taking care of our family. Making use of our time wisely and productively.

Here are some ideas that mothers can do to earn money from home:

1. Pastries and Desserts

Homemakers are very good in cooking and why don’t we make it our income, right? If you’re good at baking, why don’t you try giving samples to your neighbor and try selling it online?

2. Sari-Sari Store

This is one of the old school ways to earn money is putting up stores which sells almost everything, thus, sari-sari stores. Putting up a sari-sari store may require a capital but it will give you a good income in the long run, you can easily go to your store when you don’t have any stocks at home, right?

3. Miryenda Business

Putting up a miryenda business where you can sell palamig, kwek-kwek, fish ball and other finger foods is one of the booming business with very low capital. You can easily put up a small miryenda business for only 500 pesos.

4. Buy and Sell Business

If you love surfing on your social media account, why don’t you make money out of it? Make an online shop and re-sell different products. The key to a successful online business is your eagerness to post your products every day and finding the perfect supplier that doesn’t require a minimum purchase and very approachable.

5. Arts and Crafts
If you love doing accessories or have a very artsy side, you may start selling them online. There’s a huge potential in this line of business since more customers are into handicrafts. This is also a perfect bonding time to your little ones.

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