MUST READ: Single Parents Can Demand a Child Support and Imprison Fathers Who Neglects Responsibility

In our rapidly changing society, it is common to encounter single parents in the community and though there are single fathers, we should acknowledge the fact that more and more women are shoulding two roles at one ans what’s worse- supporting the needs of their child while the husband continue living life to the fullest.

And we wanted to put more emphasis that single parents can demand a child support for your child even thought the parents are no longer together. Thus, the father cannot simply run away from his responsibility to his child. This also applies even if the couple was married or not.

What do we need to know about Child support in the Philippines?

We have the Republic Act No. 193 to 222 of the Family code wherein it says that both legitimate and illegitimate children are entitled to support until age 18, regardless if the parents are maried of not, the responsibility to support the child is still applicable.

Recently, there’s a new bill that was established to further strengthen the claim for child support- House Bill 6079 (HB 6079) which details penalties for any parent who is olbligated to provide legal child support to the parent who has cutody of the child but refuses or fails to commit without justifiable cause. This applies when the amount of legal child support due is more than 30,000 pesos or if the parent was unable to provide in a span of more than 6 months.

I want to demand a child support but I have no money to pay for lawyers, what should I do?

We know that supporting the needs of your children can be too much to handle and paying a lawyer would cost high price legal fees. Well, we highly recommend taking advantage of government agencies that will gladly help you solve your situation such as PAO (Public Attorney’s Office), the DOJ (Department of Justice) and DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development).

Upon filing a case, a protection order for your child will be issued wherein it states that the child is required to stay with the mother during the duration of the case.

When demanding a child support make sure to present the documents for a smooth process:

  • PSA birth certificate of your child or children
  • PSA marriage certificate if married

Though breakups can be tough and challenging, we claiming for a child support might take time. Nonetheless, it’s still worth it to exercise the rights of our children. Good luck!

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