Online Application and Renewal Of NBI Clearance 2018

Do you want to get an NBI Clearance but wondering how you can sign-up and apply online? No worries! Here you can learn the step-by-step process. I am here to guide and help you obtain your NBI Clearance momentarily.

Before you need to endure the long and tiring queuing lines. But starting this year 2018 and beyond, NBI Clearance Processing strictly implements the “No Appointment No Entry Policy” for all NBI Clearance applicants. All applicants are advised to register online and have their appointment date set in advance. No appointment will be available on the same day of application.

Kudos to National Bureau of Investigation for having an online application process. This kind of upgrade saves us a lot of time and effort for NBI Clearance Online application is plain and simple. Here’s how:


Step 1: Singing-Up (NBI Online Application)

Visit NBI Website and register an account. For this account registration you need not pay for anything. It’s free! Note that I am talking about the Account registration and not the clearance itself. This step is about creating an account on NBI website and entry all information needed for your NBI Clearance.

Here’s how it looks like when you visit the NBI website

Online Application and Renewal of NBI Clearance 2018
Online Application and Renewal of NBI Clearance 2018

Decide between “Yes” or “No”

You can see on the right side the Register form. Click No (as shown below) If it is your first time applying for NBI clearance.

Click Yes (As shown below) if you have an old NBI Clearance

Check & Proceed

Click “I ACCEPT TERMS OF SERVICE” after checking all information you provided. Hit “SIGN UP” to proceed your online registration.

Bear in mind the password you assign for your NBI account to avoid any hassle when you need to log-in to your NBI account again. However, you can simply click “FORGOT PASSWORD?” to recover your NBI Account.

Once you’re done making your NBI Account, you may now log-in using your assigned email & password. See the upper right corner of the NBI website as shown in the picture below:

Step 2: Filling Out Online Application Form of NBI Clearance

Fill out Application Form

Kindly fill out the application form. Make sure to double check all the information. Check the spelling, date, and all so your effort will not go to waste.

Simply click “SAVE INFORMATION” once you’re done. Hit “EDIT INFORMATION” to edit your information.

You will be redirected to summary page after filling out all the information needed. See above image.

Apply For Clearance

Click “APPLY FOR CLEARANCE” after reading and double checking the information you provided.

Online Application and Renewal for NBI Clearance 2018

Next, indicate what ID you will present during your appointment date.

Online Application and Renewal for NBI Clearance 2018

A list of valid IDs for NBI Clearance Online application:

  • Alien Certificate of Registration
  • Driver’s License
  • NSO Authenticated Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • PhilHealth
  • Postal ID
  • PRC License
  • School ID
  • Senior Citizen Card
  • SSS ID
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) ID
  • Voter’s ID

You can see what IDs are acceptable in the requirements section of that page.

Click “I AGREE”  once you decided what ID to use. You will see an important message like the image below:

Online Application and Renewal for NBI Clearance 2018

Step 3: Set NBI Appointment Schedule

You will be lead to scheduling your appointment date. Here’s how you do it:

Select Appointment Branch

Select NBI Branch near you by simply scrolling or typing your desired location.

Online Application and Renewal for NBI Clearance 2018

Select Your Desired Date & Time

Selecting your desired date and time for your NBI Appointment. You can choose between AM or PM. Simply click the date and time you want to process your clearance. You will see the Appointment Schedule on the right side of NBI website. For preference, see below image:

Online Application and Renewal for NBI Clearance 2018

Step 4: Payment of NBI Application Fee

Ready your application Fee

Previously, multipurpose clearance was 115 pesos. Now, it’s 130 pesos plus additional fee of 25 pesos for using the e-payment method.

Choosing your preferred payment method

As you can see on the image below, there are several payment options to choose from:

Online Application and Renewal for NBI Clearance 2018

We’ll chose 7-Eleven as our payment method since it is the most convenient way for most of us to pay our fees.

Choosing 7-Eleven as mode of payment

You will see the following pop-ups after choosing 7-Eleven. Kindly click “PROCEED/PROCEED TO PAYMENT” for every pop-up.

You will see this after clicking “PROCEED TO PAYMENT” 

Paying Via 7-Eleven Cliqq Kiosk

Go to the nearest 7-Eleven branch to pay using the given reference number same as above image. Don’t hesitate to ask cashier or guard for assistance.

Verify Transaction

After the payment has been process, the transaction details will change from “PENDING” to “PAID.” For safety and confirmation purposes, keep the receipt of your payment until the day of your appointment.

Click “TRANSACTIONS” tab to check the status of your transaction.

Step 5:  Processing Your NBI Clearance on the Appointment Day

  1. Personally visit the NBI branch near you on the day of your NBI Appointment.
  2. Bring the declared ID during your application process and in case they need more ID for further verification, bring extra.
  3. Do not bring any prohibited items that may cause you trouble. Look neat and dress properly.
  4. Bring your receipt, and the reference number given to you after the online application.
  5. Save time. Don’t be afraid to ask the guards, staff and or your fellow applicants.

Step 6: Biometrics and Picture Taking

  1. Ask the people around you to find the window assigned for your biometrics. NBI staff will assist you during picture taking and fingerprint scanning.
  2. Wait for a little bit while they print your NBI Clearance
  3. Now, you are done. Congrats!

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