Filipino Freelancers: How To Grow Your Freelancing Business

Many people quit their nine-to-five jobs to work as online freelancers. Some succeed as easy as one two and three. Others find it hard to succeed online. Is it because the once who succeeded are just lucky or is it because of their attitude and commitment towards their work? Is others are just too lazy to do the work or because is it because their commitment and attitude in working sucks?! Either way, both wants to success.

“Filipino Freelancers: How To Grow Your Freelancing Business” I use these keywords to search on Google how to grow my freelancing business. I‘m one people who are still struggling to succeed online but I met a lot of great people online that are successful.

I ask them as Filipino Freelancers, how they can grow their freelancing business. You are dying to know the answers, right? That’s how I felt before too.

Filipino Freelancers: How To Grow Your Freelancing Business

Finding The Right Mentor

If you want to succeed online, start with finding the right mentor for you. There are many friendly people online who help others expecting no returns. Perhaps you argue with me in this, but based on my experience, this kind of people exists. They will do the best they can to answer your questions because for them, it is the best way to master their skills. The more they teach, the more they learned. Why? Because according to them, when you know you need to help someone, you will get inspire and you make that extra effort to study more about your field so you can give right answers and guidance to them. Others may make money out through paid courses. Same as what you see when you ask Mr. Google about freelancing courses.
Paid courses is not bad at all if you have the budget for it. But paid or not, make sure that your mentor is reliable enough. Many claimed to be a guru in freelancing but not all of them are. Others just claim to be because of the money they might earn from it.
Finding the right mentor for you is like finding a needle in a haystack. It may be the right person to others, but it may not be the right mentor for you. But once you find the right one, it will all be worth it. Just be patient.

Build Your Network

No man is an island, and no man stands alone. This is a popular quote that is applicable here. As a freelancer, even if you work solo, you still need people. Being with a group with a common interest is not only a comfort zone, but a pot of golden nuggets. If you have many connections, you can find answers you don’t see in Google yet.

They may help you with ideas, freelance jobs, tips and techniques are not in the open, or they may refer you to a client or to their friends you are an expert of a certain niche you are looking for. You will learn enormous information you’ll never find out on your own. An endless information that may help you build your business.

Filipino Freelancers: How To Grow Your Freelancing Business

Work Ethics

No matter how many networks you have, no matter now many right mentors you find, if you have no determination and commitment to your work or business, it’s useless. Be passionate. Have a commitment to the things you do. It is not just about easy or quick money. It’s about building your reputation, building friendships that may lead to unlimited resources you never knew existed.

I tried mentoring other people too. What I learned is this: No matter how much information and help you give to them, if they don’t apply or work to master that information, it’s nothing. Yes, you can lead the horse to the water, but you can’t make it drink.

It depends on them, on YOU. Your work ethics is one of the biggest determining factors of your success.

Don’t Be Comfortable. Upgrade When You Can

People keep upgrading their smartphones. Most of us wants the latest model, the best specs, the biggest memory storage, and the fastest speed. But we fail to upgrade ourselves. We are too focus on material things that we neglect to be the best. If we want those on our smartphones, don’t we want to become the fastest worker or the best freelancer there is?

Successful or not, we should not be comfortable on what we are right now. We need to upgrade ourselves from time to time. In this contemporary time, new information is given every minute, even our smartphones update more frequently than ever.

Whether it’s a self-development or something about your field. Read books, newspapers, and blog posts. Listen to podcast. Watch videos.

Discover New Opportunities

When you applied these things and become successful in your field, don’t be afraid to discover new opportunities to make money. If you are earning through your blog, take a job as an online freelancer or vice versa. Or if you are earning as a blogger, try becoming a YouTube creator or something.

Don’t limit yourself in one business. Make as many income streams as you want. But don’t just build, and build, and build. Make sure you have the right system you can copy to make another successful business.

I hope you find this article helpful. If you do, please share it with your friends.

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