Get Serious About Prosperity With The Help Of These 10 Money Habits

“Get inspired to break old habits and create new ones”

Want to improve your finances for the better but don’t know how to do it? Get serious about prosperity with the help of these 10 money habits we will discuss on this article.

According to Joan Sotkin, “Everything about us is a habit. To alter your life outcomes, develop different habits and know of the patterns in your life and change it to have different and better results…”

If you are reading this article, it means you wanted to change your financial habit/s for the better. Maybe because your finances is in a bad shape right now or you wanted to help someone. If you think this article is helpful for you or your friend, please share this on Facebook or any other social media outlet. Why help one if you have the power to help others through your fingertips.

Get Serious About Prosperity With The Help Of These 10 Money Habits

1. Have A Clear Financial Goals

Not having a clear goal is like not having goals at all. Since goals can shape our attitude towards whatever we do, having a clear goal is a must.

Financial success means being able to prioritize our needs than our wants. Having a clear and reasonable budget for your needs and your goals is the first step towards achieving financial prosperity.

2. Stop Associating Money With Guilt

Guilty pleasures are one culprit that hinders us to grow. If we give in to our guilty pleasures without realizing it, we will never be prosperous as we want it to be.

Most of the time, we are uncomfortable discussing financial matter not only to our business relationships but also to our partner and or family.

Overcome any guilt by developing a positive mindset and attitude towards money.

3. Create Multiple Income Streams

We will never be prosperous if we only depend on one income source alone. We need to create multiple income streams. If you have 9 to 5 job, you can find a sideline that allows you to work anytime, anywhere. I, myself, is working in a real estate company but, I have two sideline hustles that allows me to earn more.

Instead of watching Netflix after my offline work, I use my extra time working as an online writer and a call reviewer. Aside from that, I am also building my fortune or others called it “money-making machine.” An income you continue to get after you do the work. This includes royalty from songs or books you created, revenues that come from real estate or business investment like this blog. Unlike nine-to-five jobs, you don’t have to be present to make money. You can be on vacation or sleeping while earning it.

4. Must Be Debt Free

It is useless to set aside savings when you still have many unpaid debts. You need to prioritize it. Make a clear plan on how you can free yourself from debt. Having debt is stressful. We worry a lot on how we can pay it and we are always short on our budget if we only depend on one income.

Freeing our self from debts means having a peaceful mind and a clear financial goals. If we have little to no debt at all, we can now save for our goals such as a business or a home. Having savings without prioritizing debt is wrong. No matter how you save, if your debt have high interest, you will still suffer in the long run. Zero your savings to pay for your debt now so you can save more later on.

5. Save For The Future

You don’t save money for the sake of saving money. You save money to invest. Saving without fighting for inflation is useless. Because a thousand peso value now may worth a hundred thousand for years to come.

So we must save money and let that money work for us. In that way, we will secure not only our future but our next generation.

6. Business Is Business

There are no friends in business. If you will have a business venture with a friend or friends, make sure you know their attitude towards money. Starting a business without knowing how they handle money might ruin your friendship.

7. Money Is A Means, Not An End

Money is a means that allows us to reach our end goals. The reason you hear people say that money can’t buy happiness is because those people whose ideal was to have more and more money were disappointed.Money in and of itself doesn’t bring you fulfillment.”

8. Finding The Right Mentor And Seek Advice

When making a financial decision, we must seek advice from the right people. You don’t ask a carpenter what kind of medicines to take for hypertension and you don’t ask a doctor how to build a house. Same goes when seeking for financial advice. You need to find the right people.

I attended training and seminars to become a financial adviser. As I pass the exams and all, I realized something. After questioning myself a hundred of times, I quit. Yes, I quit even if I already pass the exam and I can now call myself as financial adviser. My manager, my batch mate, and even my sister understood neither.

Curious? What I realized after passing the final exam was, who am I to advise people on how to handle their finances, when I, myself don’t. I am a hypocrite if I continue. Many people claim to be Financial Guru’s but they themselves are broke. They don’t know how to handle their finances. How are we to depend our big financial decisions to so called financial advisers when they can’t even manage their own money?

I am saying this, not because I want to bad mouth all financial guru’s out there. I am saying this because I base it on my own experienced.  If you want to seek advice for big financial decisions of your life, find the right person.

9. Control Thy Emotions

Some people controls us, we can control people. But the best control we can have is the control we have for ourselves, our emotions. Controlling our emotions, to buy things we need or want will lead us to prosperity. If we can’t control our self from purchasing things we don’t need, we will end up in regrets and worries.
Control thy emotions, if we want to take control of our finances.

10. Living Below Our Means

There are poor people who are rich and there are rich people who are broke. Some earn so much but they are living above their means. They are spending more than what they earn they are still broke even if they are earning 100k per month. Others, you earn so little have big savings because they live below their means. They may earn 8 thousand pesos per month but they save 3 thousand and spend the remaining money they have. At the end of the year, they have 36,000 pesos while the other have a hundred or more debts.

I hope you learn on how to get serious about prosperity with the help of these 10 money habits. Don’t forget to share if you find this article helpful.

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