Earn Real Money With These 5 Passive Income


According to listen money matters, “Passive income is when you continue to get paid after you do the work. This includes royalties from books, movies, or songs and also revenue that comes from real estate investments or business investments where you don’t have to be present to earn it.“

I came to know passive income when I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Was very obsessed with passive income it became my primary goal in life. To build my money-making machine! Earn money while having a vacation or while I am sleeping and work on a onetime project that will generate money even after I done the work. 

I did my research on the possible passive income I may create. The information I saw on Google were overwhelming! An article can give you 25 to 31 passive income ideas.

I’m not saying the ideas given were not valuable at all. Their ideas are possible but all these sources of passive income is something you cannot start right away.

In this post, I will show you how you can earn real money with these 5 passive income:

Earn Real Money With These 5 Passive Income

Stock Market Investment

Earn Real Money With These 5 Passive Income

Stock market may be scary for most of us. Others think this kind of income is only for the rich people.

It may be true before. But in this contemporary time, investing is for everyone. You can invest in the stock market for as low as five thousand pesos. Others offer a thousand pesos to start.

Yes! It’s a high risk investment. High risk for those individuals who start stock market investment without prior knowledge.

I would not advice this kind of passive income to people who doesn’t have a basic idea of what stock market is and how it works.

Putting Up A Business

Earn Real Money With These 5 Passive Income

In the old days, starting a business is very hard to do. Today, you can start your own business without putting a lot of money on the table. Others started their business with only a data and a smartphone.

How did they do it? Simple. They look for a wholesaler on Facebook pages or groups willing to drop-ship their client’s order and all they do is a copy and paste the products they like to their timeline or their own Facebook page. If the wholesaler or direct supplier is selling the product for 50 pesos, the re-seller (the person who copy and paste the products) sells the product for 60 pesos to a hundred pesos or more. Depending on each re-seller., they have 20% markup for each product but others go beyond 50%!

When their store is now booming, they hire employees to run their online store for them. They may check from time to time, but they need not be there to earn. They can be in Palawan or Macau enjoying their vacation.

Some people sell their services instead of products. I know numbers of freelancer who hired skilled but new people in freelancing world who doesn’t have a stable reputation yet. They are the people who already built a strong reputation and relationship with their clients.

Others sell food. Many people loves to eat and having a food business is great! However, managing it is hard at the beginning. But once you can afford to hire employees to run your business, you will earn money while spending more time with your family.

If you can create an effective system in your business, you will have less fear in failing and have bigger chances of being a success. Building own business means earning more compared to those people working in a corporate world or those people working for other people.

Let me share a story I read from a Facebook post (Disclaimer: I don’t remember the name of the original owner of this story. CTTO)

“May isang magkaklase nung high school ang nagkita after 10 years. Ang isa ay naging teacher at ang isa ay naging fishball vendor.

Teacher: Manong 5pisong fishball nga.
Fishball vendor: Pre, kamusta na?
Teacher: Uy ikaw pala pre! Eto pre, teacher na! Ikaw Kamusta na?
Fishball vendor: Eto pre, simpleng fishball
Vendor. Buti ka pa pre!
Teacher: Dapat kasi pre nag aral ka!
Fishball vendor: Oo nga pre eh.
Teacher: Eh di sana pre, 18k/month din kita mo.Magkano ba kita mo dyan pre?
Fishball vendor: 1,500 per day pre. May dalawa pa akong cart at may tagabenta ako.Iba pa yung kinikita ko dun.

Magkasakit man ako, at di makapagbenta, may kita parin ako… Nakabili narin ako ng lupa pre dahil sa pagbebentang fishball. Plano ko magpatayo ng apartment.

Teacher: (Speechless)

There are many kinds of business out there. Just remember to create a business out of your passion. Maintaining a business is hard and can a challenge sometime. But if you built a business from your passion, you will spend more time to improve or find a solution to your business.

Finding a solution to the things you are passionate is easier than solving a problem from a project or business you have a none interest at all.

Blogging And Vlogging

Earn Real Money With These 5 Passive Income

It’s undeniable that there are people who works anywhere in the world as long as they have their laptops with them and have stable internet connection. There are others who call themselves “Digital Nomad.”

What is Digital Nomad? According to Wikipedia, “Digital nomads are people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and conduct their life in a nomadic manner. Such workers often work from foreign countries, coffee shops, public libraries, co-working spaces, or recreational vehicles.”

The difference between blogging and vlogging

Blogging is the process of writing a content or an article online. It’s a kind of journal or an online magazine where you share your thoughts about a particular subject with readers. Same as blogging, vlogging also allows you to share your thoughts about a particular subject but in a video form. You can see thousands of vloggers in Youtube who are making and sharing contents for their subscribers.

If you search on Google, you will learn who are the top earners in blogging and vlogging. The highest top earnings in blogging is $14,000,000 per month and $22 Million annual income in vlogging!

You can earn money by blogging or vlogging through displaying advertisement on your website or video, affiliate marketing, sponsorship or by selling courses or e-books. 

#4 Renting Out Your Property

Earn Real Money With These 5 Passive Income

If you have a property, you own but you don’t use it as often as you should, you can rent it out to others.

Millennial now a day have many travel goals from all around the world. You can improve your place and advertise it on a platform such as airbnb where you can promote and get clients to rent your place. You can charge them per night for it. It’s like a mini hotel you can manage on your own.

Just imagine charging your client 1,500 pesos per night and your place will have clients for 20 days. You’ll be earning 30,000 pesos with no sweat! How much more if you charge them 2,000 or more? But make sure the price you charge for your place is reasonable. You don’t charge 2,000 per night for a place that looks like a 700 peso hotel room. If you want to have a higher price, at least improve the condition and design of your property. Giving your place a little upgrade means more cash on your part.

Upgrading Yourself

Earn Real Money With These 5 Passive Income

In order for a person to increase his/her market value, one needs to upgrade his/herself.

How will we improve our market value? Some enroll to a formal class to get a Masters’ or PhD. Others invest on online courses or reading e-books or audio books every single day.

Upgrading yourself means learning more ideas and knowledge that helps you become an expert on your chosen field.


Everything you do for the first time is messy, and it’s hard. But as you slowly figure things out, it becomes easier. Nothing that last is an overnight success. You need to work hard and smarter to achieve it.

Having multiple income streams gives us a peace of mind. We may encounter a problem from time to time but not as problematic as we have when we only rely on one income stream.

This blog is also earning. It’s a passive income for me but I did not earn as easy as you thought. It takes 6 months to a year before you can see an earning from it. But waiting that long is all worth it!

This blog is also earning. It’s a passive income for me but I did not earn as easy as you thought. It takes 6 months to a year before you can see an earning from it. But waiting that long is all worth it!

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