Become a Better Entrepreneur by Doing These 50 Things Regularly

Being an entrepreneur is very hard. The things you learn in school can never prepare you to the real world of business. Whether you are in a big or small, there is always a chance of facing problems. The best lessons come from experience and good habits. Success won’t come overnight but by practicing these 50 things regularly, you can gradually attain excellence in leadership, decision-making, and adaptability.

  1. Read books. It doesn’t matter if it’s fiction or non-fiction, as long as you’re reading, you’re getting new perspective to expand your mind.
  2. Read the news. Keeping an eye on what is going on with your industry and society is priceless. It will help you attain more knowledge to help your decision-making.
  3. Attend industry conferences. Get to know colleagues and get updated on your industry trend.
  4. Watch your competitors. You should always be the first to know what your competitor is doing.
  5. Create new rules for yourself. Discipline yourself by creating rules. You can also set new limitations, or try new things.
  6. Learn new technologies. Technologies are a big help to any entrepreneur. Keeping yourself updated with the latest tech can greatly improve your business.
  7. Engage in personal hobbies. Find enjoyable hobbies that stimulate your passion to bring out the best in you.
  8. Talk to strangers. You never know whom you might meet—a new partner? A mentor? An investor? An employee?
  9. Network professionally. Have a chance to build your own reputation by expanding your professional network.
  10. Give back to the community. This has a double purpose. You can contribute in improving your community at the same meet new people.
  11. Make yourself available to your team. Your team will only be as good as how you manage them. Be accessible for questions, concerns and conversation.
  12. Minimize your decisions. Focus your efforts on big matters. Delegate the rest to your team.
  13. Always find ways to improve everything. Always look out for potential to improve everything about your business.
  14. Find time to meditate. When you have a business, you tend to think to much. Meditation helps you achieve clarity of mind and reduce stress. It can also make you more focused.
  15. Sleep well. Sleep at least eight hours of sleep everyday to improve your physical and mental health.
  16. Eat healthy. Proteins and healthy fats are foods that keep your brain healthy and will keep you going.
  17. Exercise physically. A healthy body keeps a healthy mind. Taking care of yourself is the same as taking care of your business.
  18. Exercise mentally. You can improve your critical thinking, focus and memory by playing puzzles and other mental games.
  19. Use SWOT to analyze everything. See the Strengths, Weaknesses,  Opportunities, and Threats in everything.
  20. Do the extra mile. Overachieve at everything you do, even for the smallest matters.
  21. Adapt. Get used to changing your plans at an instant and rolling with the punches.
  22. Continue your education. It doesn’t need to be a formal education in school. Make it a habit to learn something new everyday.
  23. Invest in yourself. Spend time and resources to improve yourself. The most important factor in your business is you.
  24. Try new things. Trying new things can help you to your next inspiration.
  25. Start small. When you want to try something new, start out small. If it succeeds, then scale up.
  26. Reward hard work. Never forget your workforce. Recognize those who have been loyal and hard working and they will give back even more.
  27. Remove negativity. Get rid of poor attitude and negativity whenever you see them.
  28. Relieve group stress. Stress is contagious, so do what you can to lower it.
  29. Find new passions. As mentioned earlier, passion is key to success as an entrepreneur. Find your passion as many places as possible.
  30. Focus on customer perspectives. Your customer is the reason you have a business. Prioritize them and keep them happy.
  31. Run the numbers. Learn to see everything in their objective value.
  32. Stay calm. No matter how stressful a situation is, you should always be the calmest person in the group.
  33. Give honest feedback. Letting your team know how they are doing is a good way to improve them.
  34. Listen to feedback. You are the boss, but it doesn’t mean no one can give better solutions than you. Listen to your team and don’t be offended by their feedback.
  35. Remain humble. No matter how much success you achieved, don’t let your ego take over.
  36. Form new partnerships. Be on the lookout for possible partnership opportunities with other professionals.
  37. Work with mentors. Spend time with people more experience than you. You can always learn a thing or two to improve your strategy.
  38. Trust in your instinct. While keeping a good data is useful, sometimes your listening to your instincts will do wonders.
  39. Practice patience. Nothing good is achieved overnight. Be patient all the time.
  40. Accept challenges. Take risk to keep yourself sharp.
  41. Experiment with new routines. Keep your life exciting by trying out new routines every now and then.
  42. Stay frugal. No matter how much you are earning, do not give in to a lavish lifestyle. Spend on things that are valuable to you or your business.
  43. Have hard conversations. Don’t let fear hold you back. Say what needs to be said.
  44. Live your brand. How can you expect your team to live your brand when you yourself don’t embody them?
  45. Refrain from personal judgement. Learn to see the good side in people. If they make mistake, help them learn from it.
  46. Maintain an ideal atmosphere. Include some life and fun into your working environment.
  47. Eliminate chronic distractions. Get rid of things that is blocking you from achieving anything.
  48. Automate what you can. Make use of technology to improve efficiency in your workplace.
  49. Forget the idea of perfection. No one is perfect, even you. Forget about trying to be perfect. Focus your effort on being better, not perfect.
  50. Make personal time. With a growing business, it is easy to get stressed out on everything. Prioritize yourself when needed. You have a great team, they can handle a few days without you.

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