Know These 3 Basic Laws Of Money By Rose Fres Fausto Before Starting Your 2019 Ipon Challenge

New year. New Life. New resolutions. New Ipon challenge.

Many of us are eager to start with our Ipon challenge. But not that many know these 3 basic laws of money by Rose Fres Fausto before starting 2019 Ipon challenge.

Know These 3 Basic Laws Of Money By Rose Fres Fausto Before Starting Your 2019 Ipon Challenge

Pay Yourself First

We earn to pay for our expenses and obligations to where there is nothing left for us. We leave from paycheck-to-paycheck and others borrow money to add for their expenses. But we do not pay our self first. 

We see this formula everywhere in the internet. In articles, Facebook posts and pages or even in YouTube — Income-Savings = Expenses but not all that see it understand or applies it. 

If you can’t apply this formula to your life, you will never succeed in your Ipon challenge for 2019. 

Save portion of your income and do it regularly. If you completed your 2019 Ipon challenge, then try increasing the percentage of your savings. If you are saving 10% of your monthly income for this year. Try saving 15% or 20% the following year. 

Create A Business That You Understand And Seek Advice Only From Competent People

Advice regarding investment is everywhere but that doesn’t mean you should invest just to any investment you encounter or others tell you to invest. You should invest in a business you understand how it works. 

Don’t create a business you are not familiar and have no tested system that works. 

My mom always told me not to ask advice for the carpenter what is the best medicine to take for headaches. Same as you don’t ask a doctor what type of roofing is best for your house. Listen only from competent people.

Make Your Gold Work For You. Make An Army Of Golden Slaves Before You Buy Luxury

All I ever dream is to create a money-making machine that allows me to earn money while I sleep. And I am not the only one. There are thousands of people who are already making money while they sleep. Bloggers, Vloggers, E-book authors, and people who are selling digital products. 

Other earn their money while they sleep through investing in stock market, mutual funds, UITF, time deposit, pag-IBIG 2 and any kind of bonds there is.

If you save more, you will be able to make money work for you and you became less worry and more secure in your finances.

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