Every 30s Should Know These 8 Financial Resolutions

You are reading this because either you are already in your 30s or you only have a year or two before turning 30. 

Some people in their 30s may already built assets while in your twenties others are still struggling to pay off their college loans or they are still helping their younger sisters or brothers with their education. Either way, every 30s should know these 8 financial resolutions before it’s too late. 

A small step can make a huge difference. Take your finances to the next level and reclaim your financial control. 

Here are list of Financial resolutions you can focus on by Think Pesos and Dot Property Philippines if you do not understand on what you should invest on your 30s.

Grow Your Income

When you are in your 30s or a year or two before 30, you’ll evaluate your financial status and you have this burning desire to grow your income as much as you can. 

You can ask for a raise and promotion from your boss and or you can create a business. Make sure you have enough knowledge, and you know the in and out of the business. Starting a business you are not knowledgeable of may result to bankruptcy.

Re-evaluate your budget

Being in your 30s means making mature decisions like creating a budget that suits for you. You cannot live a happy-go-lucky budget forever. You need to adjust your budget based on you and your family’s needs. 

If you don’t have an emergency fund, this is the perfect time to have it. You need to have an emergency fund before it’s too late. 

Pay off debt

You will move forward in your finances when you pay all debts you gain during your twenties. 

Paying all your debt is one of the nicest feeling in the world. No debt means no sleepless nights thinking where to get money to pay your debt.

Debt can affect your cash flow. You might have put your loan and its interest to better and more fruitful investments you might enjoy now. 

Continue To Improve Your Credit

Identify dangerous account and fix errors right away by knowing your annual credit report. When you are in your 30s, checking your credit report every year is a must!

By checking your credit report every year you will learn how you can further enhance your credit. Improve your credit score by settling an early payment or paying off an unpaid mortgage. 

Save Some Of Your Income For Retirement

Saving for retirement is a must! You can’t expect your child or anyone in your family to take care of you during your retirement years. Yes, they can take care of you like cooking food or doing your laundry for you but you can’t expect them to pay for all your needs and other expenses. 

Becoming a burden to others is tiresome. It creates a negative feeling that may cause a depression in the long run. 

When you get promoted or a raise, increase your retirement fund contribution. You may also put your bonus or a cash gift if it is your extra money. 

Create An Estate Plan

Create a safety net by building an estate plan. In case an accident or an emergency happens, you know where you can get cash to pay for it.

Today, you can get a quick and easy loan but the interest is high. It can go up as much as 20% interest and you need to pay it every 15 days for 2 months. I know, It’s too much! 

When you realize how big loan interest can be, you’ll appreciate having an emergency fund. If you have none, create one before it’s too late. 

Make Insurance Adjustments

As your assets grow, the more insurance you need to cover them. These assets may be the house and lot you need to buy or the brand new car you purchased.

The more insurance you need to cover when your assets grow. A new home, a brand new vehicle, and others need insurance to help you cover losses when it happens.

Save your life by having insurance for the things that matter to you. Always visit your financial adviser to check and get the best deals possible.

Don’t get Jealous Of What Others Have

Comparing and jealousy to others because of their financial capabilities is unhealthy. It may lead to more debt and agitation on your current financial situation. 

We have different paces, different priorities, different income, and different budget. Focus on growing your income and handling it in a fun and responsible way without competition or jealousy. 

Face financial ease throughout your life by following these 8 financial resolutions.

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