Minimum Wage Earners: Seven Money Saving Tips

Minimum-wage earners thought they can only dream of having their own house or owning a brand new car. But only a few knew these long-term goals are possible only if they know how to do it and if they have discipline to stick to their plans. 

Owning a house requires more hard work for minimum-wage earners. But it’s worth the sacrifice knowing the payoff will be a house or a car you can call your own in a few years. Here are the minimum wage earners: seven money saving tips to make your long-term goal a reality.

Minimum Wage Earners: Seven Money Saving Tips

  1. Budget Your Income
    Knowing how much you’re allowed to spend on certain things like groceries, toiletries, transportation, date nights, utility bills and others is a must. Having a nice, clean budget makes you realize your expenses and you know where you can cut down. See if there are things you can do without so you can pocket more money for savings. If you are the time of person that snacks a lot. Try choosing a healthier and cheaper way. Instead of buying unhealthy snacks that is worth 20 to 30 pesos, you can buy a box of granola bars. A box of granola bar (6pcs) is worth a hundred and five pesos or 17.5 pesos each. It’s cheaper and way healthier than your usual snacks. You can also plan and prepare your own meal and snacks. Instead of spending 300 for your food in a day (Breakfast, lunch, dinner), you can spend less and have food for 3 meals and 2 snacks! How great is that?!
  2. Keep Your Spare Change
    Put your loose coins in a jar. Yes, it’s just coins! But no amount is too small to be saved. You can’t complete a thousand without a peso coin. Fish all loose coins from your pocket. Make sure you don’t missed those small coins from your pocket or handbag. You may also treat your 50 peso bill as invisible money. Every time you get a 50 peso bill, keep it. Put it in your jar. I’m sure you heard the story of that young lady who did a similar thing and saved a lot of money. If a 50 peso bill is big for you, you can start with 10 or 20 pesos. 
  3. Put your money in the bank
    As an adult, it is more convenient to save money in the bank that your piggy bank for it is safer and more secure. You need not worry if a bad guy raid your house. They can’t get your piggy bank and you’ll never be tempted to take just a little to buy those dress or bag you saw at the mall. When you save enough and put it in a time deposit, your money will earn interest. It may be small but it is better than not earning an interest at all. 
  4. Stave Off The Debt Devil
    Avoid loans as much as possible. If you already have loans, make it a priority to pay it off as early as possible. You can start with your loans that have high interest rates down to your loans with lower interest rates. You may experience sleepless nights or keep your mind occupied on thinking how to pay off your loans. Not having it means having a peaceful mind. You can direct your focus on building your wealth instead. 
  5. Get a sideline
    Depending on one income stream is not a good idea. Sometimes, it leads to more loans because your income is not enough. Having a side hassle is a great way to earn more money and have more savings for your short- and long-term goals. Inflation is on the rise. basic needs these days are more expensive than it used to be. Don’t waste your time on doing nothing. Instead, you can use your spare time getting a side income. Getting a side income today is easier than before. You can find tons of side income online like being a writer for a blog or a ghostwriter for a book. There are many things to do in the internet that allows you to earn more money on your spare time. 
  6. Inquire About Housing Loans
    Not all of us can afford to buy a spot cash for a house. that is why banks and Pag-IBIG are now offering housing loans for people to afford to own a home. Learn about your options how much you can loan for a home. Inquiring about housing loans help you make your goal clearer on how much you need to save. 
  7. Be practical
    When dreaming of a house, don’t dream picture yourself living in a 10-bedroom mansion when you are the only person or there are only 3 people that will leave in that house. Look for a home you can afford and that can cater your needs. Be realistic. 

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