P55k savings through ‘Bote Money-Saving Challenge’

A lot of Filipinos created several unique ways to save money and posted it on social media. This in turn inspired others to do the same. Through this money saving challenges, many have saved thousands in a matter of months despite having a small income.

The same happened to Miguel Antonio, a young man with a bad spending habit. He was able to save P54,653 in just 8 months through the ‘bote money-saving challenge.’

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Amazing, right? So, how did he do it?

According to Antonio, he got his inspiration by drinking bottles he often bought at convenience stores.

“Madalas ka bang bumili sa 711 or Mini Stop ng inumin? Pareho tayo. Haha. Minsan tinatago ko yung mga bote pagkakaubos. Ginagawa kong lagayan ng tubig pero madalas tinatapon ko. Aanhin ko naman kasi diba, pantambak lang. Pero alam nyo salamat sa mga boteng ito, malaki pala ang silbi niya,” Antonio wrote.

He noticed that he had a lot of coins in his pocket so he decided to put it inside his empty bottles placed inside his locker. From then on, he made it a habit of putting all his coins inside the bottle every day.

After just a short time, Antonio was able to fill 7 bottles with his coins with a few paper bills. Soon after, the habit continued and in no time, he filled 30 bottles.

Antonio revealed that he doesn’t have a big income. He made it a point to use only 60% of his income for monthly expenses, 10% on tithes, and the rest to his bottle savings. This was not very easy at first since he was used to spending a lot. Instead of going to Starbucks for coffee, he now consumes instant coffee.

He has now put half of his savings in the bank and will invest the rest on a business to earn more money.

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