How To Save Money On Groceries

If given a chance, most Filipinos would rather stay with their family. Unlike other countries such as America expect their young adults to leave the nest. Filipinos always put the family first.

Having that privilege to live close to our love ones is great. But sunshine and rainbows are not constant. Bigger responsibilities comes when you have a big family.

You groceries will take a huge chunk out of your budget if you have more mouths to feed. It’s not just electricity and other utility bills.

Below are the ways to save money on your next grocery shopping regardless if you live alone or with your family.

Meal Plan

Avoid overspending on the grocery stores by creating a weekly or monthly meal plan. Buying groceries without a meal plan cost you more than you ever imagine.

Not having a meal plan is bad enough. Let alone if you bring your kids with you and doing groceries with an empty stomach. You’ll suddenly feel the need to buy the things that you crave and you tend to buy unreasonable items or food while shopping. While your kids would want you to buy all the chocolates and candies they see on the supermarket.

Others may think that having a meal plan is time consuming, think again. You’ll save more money that you usually do and you will only buy the food that you really need.

Shop No More Than Once A Week

Make it a habit to shop no more than once a week to further avoid impulse purchases and save money on gas.

You can make your grocery shopping as part of family activity after going to church or something. Just make sure to eat first. As I said earlier, shopping with an empty stomach is not a good idea.

You can bring your kids to the grocery store to teach them some grocery skills or budgeting their money. I read it somewhere in the internet where a mom always brought her 3 kids to the supermarket. Each of them are given a dollar and it is up to them how they are going to spend it.

How amazing could it be if you can teach your kids on how they should handle their own money while learning the right way to buy groceries! I’m sure, when your kids grow up they will be thankful for teaching them how to handle their money and save.

Going to the grocery once a week allow you to buy fresh vegetables, fruits and meat. You’ll eat healthier.

Take Advantage Of Promos

The easier it gets to keep the habit for the long haul if you stick more to your shopping budget and routine. But being a little flexible won’t hurt. Especially if you take advantage of promos and other store events that the supermarket offers.

Before rewriting your weekly meal plan, try to look for announcements on the supermarkets’ website or you can follow their official social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to never miss any update that they are posting.

Compare Prices

Also, try to compare product prices that different stores offer. You may say that the price difference is small but it means a lot if you look at the bigger picture.

While comparing prices, you may also want to see the distance between you and the supermarket to help you save more money on gas or public transportation.

5. Use Shopping List Apps

Carry a pen and a paper while shopping is not convenient for most of us. We prefer carrying our smartphones instead. So why not use shopping list apps like “Out of Milk” to make your shopping more fun and engaging?

The app allow you to organize your grocery items according to any category or list. You can create separate food lists on Monday, Tuesday, and so on. Doing this will help you stick to your meal plan.

Look For Substitutes

Be on the lookout for cheaper alternatives to branded food products as you build your grocery shopping list for the week.

Review your previous grocery receipt and take note of expensive products. Try to look for an alternative that is cheaper but with the same or closer quality.

Some brands are too expensive than the quality of their product itself and there are new brands with same or higher quality product. Take advantage of the new product with the same or higher quality. They are cheaper than known brand because they are still making their brand known to consumers.

Take Advantage Of Loyalty Cards

Most grocery stores and malls now offer loyalty cards to reward their regular customers. Aside from discounts others also other many benefits like value-added services and freebies.

It is easy to apply. Sometime you need not look for their customer service desk. The cashier will automatically offers it to you when you don’t have a loyalty card.

If you think, you can add more money-saving strategy just let us know on the comment section below.

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