Save A Ton Of Money With These Tiny Things To Cut Out Of Your Life

Fast foods

minimizing your fast food tours not only saves you a ton of money but also saves yourself from becoming obese. Eating too much fast food is not good for both of your health and wallet.

Avoid fast food as much as you can and try to pack your own meal.


Who needs cable when you have an internet connection? Real talk. If you have internet connection why on earth would you need cable subscription when you can watch vast amount of movies and TV series you like on the internet for FREE.

Buying Books

If your public library have good collections of books, why buy? If you can find a free copy of PDF or audio book then you don’t need to buy a book. If it’s or text book or a book that you can use multiple times then go ahead and buy it. But if all you want is a fiction book, hold that thought for a moment. You can ask your friends or go to book sale for a second hand copy of the book you like. It’s way cheaper than new once.

Soda and Alcohol

I don’t want to say stop drinking these kind of beverages but rather avoid. Avoid these drinks as much as you can. It is not good for your health PLUS it’s more expensive than water. The inflation with these beverages are high enough to make your broke.

Phone Upgrades

You can upgrade your phone but you don’t need to do it every 6 months or every year. Use your smartphone until it last or until such time you badly needed a new feature for your work or something.

Don’t upgrade for the sake of being in the trend or just because you want society’s approval.

Why not upgrade yourself instead? Phones will depreciate overtime but self upgrade will help you increase your market value. Meaning you can earn more money if you upgrade yourself — the knowledge you posses.

Cotton Pads And Paper Towels

Instead of using cotton pads or paper towels you can go for a reusable alternatives like hand towels. It’s cheaper and it’s good for our environment as well.

Bottled Water And Coffee Runs

Bring your own tumbler for your water. You may spend 5 peso or less to refill your tumbler while you spend 15 peso to 25 peso for a bottled of water. The BIG PLUS is, you’ll save our environment by using fewer plastic materials.

Not going to boss coffee everyday or every week saves you a lot of money. If you spend 150 for your coffee every week that’s 600 per month or 7,200 per year. How much more if drink coffee every week with your colleagues. You’ll be spending 750 for 5 days or 3,000 a month. That would be 36,000 pesos in one year.

I went to boss coffee for a drink with my sister and her friend. I paid 182.75 pesos for a regular size! I rarely go to those cafe but I can still feel the paid of letting go of my hard-earned money. That is equivalent of my almost 2 hours of work! My 2 hours of work for a regular size of coffee.. puff!

Music And Video Subscriptions

There are thousands of Free music and video on the internet that you can download. You don’t need to have a monthly subscription.

If you really love Netflix as I do, find 3 people that would love to split the monthly subscription with you. Instead of paying 520 or more you only pay for 130+.

If you can’t avoid it, look for cheaper ways to subscribe.

Pricey Haircut And Luxury Makeup

Ask yourself, do you really need a pricey haircut or a luxury makeup? Can’t you achieve a beautiful hairstyle without paying too much? Is you face that ugly that you need that pay for a luxury makeup?

Just find a skilled person that can cut your hair for a reasonable price. You don’t really need luxury makeup. You can buy a quality product with fair price.

Drinks At Restaurants

I learned this trick 4 years ago. Before I use to order different drinks when eating at the restaurants only to realize that I don’t like the taste or it has too much sugar in it. And the price is too expensive! A 15 peso drinks you can buy on the grocery store is worth 30 to 50 pesos on a restaurant. So now, I’ll always prefer water to drink. It’s free and it’s healthier.

Branded Clothes

A brand new North Face dri-fit shirt can cause you a thousand or 2 while you can have 500 or less on a thrift store that is gently use or an old stock. I happen to buy a brand new looking North Face dri-fit shirt for 50 pesos!

I know it’s crazy! You just need to develop your hunting skills.


There are many ways you can save a ton of money this year. Just be mindful of your spending and have a spending tracker.

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