Reasons Why You Should Have a Financial Plan

No matter how small your income is, you should have a financial plan.

Most people don’t make plans for their finances for they only have little to no money at all. They think, only people with lots of money are allowed to make financial plans. But the truth is, you can only grow your finances if you know how to manage your finances properly.

We heard people who won millioms of peso only to find out they become broke several months after they winning. Why is that?

Even if every person is given a million peso, at the end of the day the money will still be in the hands of todays millionaires and billionaires. And most of us will have little to nothing left.

These things happen because millionaires and billionaires knows how to manage their finances and others do not.


It is very common for most people who can’t track their money expenses. Next time you knew it, your salary is gone after less than a day of having it.

Some are responsible enough to pay themselves first. They pay for all their monthly bills and important expenses. However, it is very common for people to lost control on their finances. People tend to overspend their money and spend it to unnecessary things that they don’t really need.

Not having control on your finances is like losing control on the car you are driving, accidents happen! What better way to stop that from happening is to create a financial plan. Creating one means more control over where your money goes. You’ll be more aware of your spending habit, and eventually you’ll make smarter decisions on how you spend your money.

Peace of Mind

It is stressful to have financial problem. You can’t sleep. You can’t eat. All you think about is how to get the money that you need. Having financial problems can also create relationship problems or worst a broken relationship.

You can avoid financial stress when you have a financial plan. You have the option on how you could protect your income and assets, and you’ll learn how to build an emergency funds.

Standard of Living

Your lifestyle should match the income that you are making every month. You can’t just live a lifestyle beyond your standard. Living a lifestyle beyond your standard means having a lot of debt to maintain it.

A good financial plan will raise your standard of living in no time.

Freedom from Debt

A lot of people are suffering from debt. They become troubled and depress not knowing how to pay off their debts. Others already in a stage where they need to make difficult choices to solve their debt problems because their options on solving it is very limited.

You won’t reach that point and avoid unnecessary debts if you create and follow a financial plan.

Realizing your Dreams

We have dreams that people think it’s impossible to reach like owning a business, car, or a house. I, myself wanted to travel the world. That is my dream. Every time I talk about my dream of travelling the world, my ex always told me that it is very impossible to reach. I almost believe him. Luckily we broke up and I realized that travelling the world is possible. The only difficult part is how you can start your first travel. You have no idea how to get cheapest ticket. You have no idea how much money you should bring, what is your itinerary and so on.

Having that kind of dreams are simple but it’s not easy. Hard work, dedication, patience, and good financial planning is a must! You can only afford those dreams if you know how to invest and save properly.

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