10 Reasons Why Starting a Business is a Great Move

Are you in a job you hate but can’t let go because you need your income? Do you have a great business idea that you know will work? Are you hesitant to start that business? Here are some of the most compelling reasons that will surely help you decide.

Reason #1: Work On Things That Matter To You

Being employed sometimes pushes you to do work outside of your comfort zone, or work that you actually believe in. If you are employed, you probably have quite a few superiors who make you do things that don’t really matter to you.

When you have a business, you have the freedom to freely do what you want. You get to focus your attention on things that you are passionate about but still earn an income.

Reason #2: Create More Income Sources

An employee only has one source of income and is always dependent on how useful you are perceived by your employer. The only way of increasing your income is putting in more work to earn overtime or promotion.

Being an entrepreneur creates a lot of avenues in expanding your income that you will only have to consider your time and how much you want to spend in order to earn.

One of the challenges you will face when starting a business is looking for sales. In the age of internet, it is now easier to look for sales online because it offers a bigger avenue for clients.

Reason #3: Job Security

For older generation, being employed is much more secure than having a business. But did you know that the chances of you getting laid off are the same as failing at your own business?

Reason #4: Flexible Schedule

If you work in a big corporate company and has a good salary and position, you might think you are also enjoying the income and security a business can offer. But have you considered the flexibility it can also offer? An employee’s time is always dedicated to his employer. If you have an important family function but has an important meeting scheduled, there’s a good chance you will miss it.

If you are the owner of the business, you get to decide which functions you can go to without having to sacrifice your income. If you want to go on a long vacation because of that promo fare that you can use after a year, you don’t have to worry about filing a leave and not being approved. You can confidently book them knowing full well you will be able to avail of that.

Reason #5: There Will Be No Boring Day

You get to decide what you do for your days and you can make it as exciting as you want to be. You don’t have to stick to a boring working schedule if you don’t want to. If you have tasks that you do not like to do, you can always delegate them to your employees. You can choose to focus your time on things that matter to you.

Reason #6: You Get To Choose Who You Work With

Working with a lot of different people can be a challenge sometimes especially if you don’t like them. Being employed forces you into a situation wherein you will have to work with people you might not like.

Having your own business means you get to choose who you want to hire to complement your work force. You also get to decide who will do what.

Reason #7: Learn New Things

When I was still employed, I was a Female Engineer. After a while, I am not anymore challenged by my job because of all the routine work I have to do every day. After starting my own business, I got to learn a lot of different things including being Marketing, an HR and an Accountant. Once I feel like I have learned as much as I can, I delegate these tasks to my employee and move on to the next challenge.

Reason #8: Be The Boss You’d Want

Every employee knows the struggles of having a terrible boss. You despise going to work because you don’t want to see him or her but you have to otherwise you won’t get paid. Being your own boss lets you become the boss you want to have. You can manage your team the way you wanted to managed before and be compassionate on your employees’ struggles.

Being the boss enables you to create a working environment that you want. If you don’t like the conventional boring office, then you can spice things up. No one will argue with you if you want to use bean bags and couches instead of the traditional office table.

Reason #9: Overcome A Layoff

Many people start a business after getting laid off. That way you avoid going through it again and at the same being able to control your own income.

Reason #10: Create A Legacy

Living is more valuable when you create a legacy. Leaving something behind for your children is the ultimate goal for parents. A business that will keep them sustained is a good legacy to leave.

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