Stop Paying For These 13 Things To Save Money

Most people would pay for something that they can actually get for free.

Know the unnecessary things that Pinoys usually spend on.

These expenses can be avoided because there is free alternatives or simply because you don’t need them.

There’s A Free Alternative

Apps and software

There are lot of open source software that are as good as the paid one. Just be patient enough to look for it and it will save you a lot of money.


We spend money for a simple haircut when we can do it. You may not have any idea, but you will find tons of tutorials online like on Youtube. I tried cutting my own hair just by looking at Youtube tutorials. I look fine with it.

Data charges for Internet

Instead of spending on date, you can look for public places where it has a free WiFi like malls, coffee shops, and restaurants.

It is possible for you to access the internet in most public places since the President has signed into law the Free Public Internet Access Program (RA 10929)

Storage devices

Instead of buying large capacity hard disks and backup storage devices, you can store your files on the cloud.

Gmail is the perfect example of online services that offers a large amount of storage for free.

You Don’t Really Need To Spend On Them

Bottled water

Why buy bottled water when you can bring your own water container? There’s a lot of places where you have it refilled for free like your office dispenser, restaurants and coffee shops.

Museum fees

Choose museums under the National Museum of the Philippines where they are open to the public and no entrance fees are charged.

Text and call promos

If you are already using an online instant messaging app like viber, whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, there’s no need to register for text and call promos.

Gym fees

Instead of paying expensive gym memberships, exercise at home or look for free Zumba and other aerobic lasses in local parks and malls.

Garbage bags

Why buy when you can reuse the plastic bags that you got from grocery stores.

Bank fees

Be mindful of your bank charges. Keep in mind where your bank ATMs are located before maxing out your cash on hand to avoid bank charges from withdrawing from another bank.


Read news online or go to a local cafe and read the day’s newspaper instead of buying one.

Extended warranties

It is considered as an unnecessary purchase when making that extended warranty fee if an appliance doesn’t break down within the normal warranty period. Consumer reports show that appliances rarely break down within the extended warranty period. Also, most appliances and electronics can be affordably repaired by third party service providers.

Landline subscription

Landlines are more useful on offices but for personal use, it’s not. Better stop your subscription if you have mobile phones. Mobile phones are now the main channel of communications for most people anyway.

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