Different Ways How to Verify, Check, and Retrieve Your SSS Number

Know the different ways how to verify, check, and retrieve your SSS number online.

This article is created to help our fellow SSS member who forgot their SSS number or simply lost their SSS ID.

Verify Through Your Employer

If you are employed to a company, your employer or your HR is the person you are looking for in verifying your SSS number. They always keep a copy for they need it on your monthly or periodic salary. They also make and submit reports to SSS contributions, loan payments and all.

Verify by Checking Your SSS E1 Form

In the upper left part of your SSS E1 form you can find your SSS number if you still have that pink form from SSS.

Verify Through SSS Hotline

For any SSS member’s inquiry, support and or assistance you may call 920-6446 to 55. You can call the SSS Hotline to verify your SSS number.

Verify at the SSS Member’s Assistance Section

Bring your valid IDs with you and visit the nearest SSS branch office to verify your SSS number. They will give you SSS Employee Static Info to help reviewing and checking your SSS contributions.

After verifying and retrieving your SSS number, make sure to write it down and have a copy or picture of your SSS number and ID on your smartphones.

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