Recovering Lost TIN from BIR: How to Verify TIN Number Online

Recovering and verifying lost TIN number from BIR online is not yet possible. I have faith that the BIR will soon make an online feature of easy TIN verification soon.

A website link BIR TIN Verification System that you find online is a dead link. It is not yet working and or not yer in service.

I know it’s frustrating and disappointing not having an easy fix of our problem like retrieving your TIN number because you misplaced or lost your TIN ID without memorizing or keeping a copy on a notebook or on your mobile phone. Going to BIR is time consuming especially for someone who have a busy schedule and have the same office hours as the BIR office.

But, hey! You can’t just blame the BIR for not having an online verification yet. You need to own it! If you did not lost your ID or have at least a soft copy of your ID then you will not be this disappointed for not yet having an online verification.

Be patient enough and find time to visit the nearest BIR to verify your TIN number. Or if you are too lazy to do so, just wait until the BIR will set up an online verification for your convenience.

I know you did not search this article just to get a sermon from me, but if you always blame others, how will you grow in becoming a better version of you. I am fully aware that this article is about BIR TIN number but inserting a little self-development is not bad at all.

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