Learn How to Get PSA CENOMAR Online

Here are the latest procedure on how to get PSA CENOMAR ONLINE (PSA is formerly known as NSO).

CENOMAR is an abbreviation for Certificate of No Marriage Record. It is also known as Certificate of Singleness. This document is the most requested in most transactions and or official documentation like fiance visa application, passport, marriage, travel purposes, employment abroad or overseas, school requirements, local employment, application for claims, benefits and loans, Australian and US embassy verification, and many more.

If you needed CENOMAR for your Pag-IBIG housing loan or for other thing, this article is for you.

PSA CENOMAR Requirements

  • Application Form
  • Certificate Fee (see below)
  • Valid ID

Note that according to PSA Office Memorandum No. 2017-050, this certificate can only be issued to: the court or proper public official whenever absolutely necessary in administrative, judicial or other official proceedings to determine the identity of a person; the owner himself or through a duly authorized representative; his/her spouse, parent, direct descendants, guardian or institution legally in-charge of him/her, if minor; in case of the person’s death, the nearest of kin.

How to Get PSA CENOMAR Online

PSA or the Philippine Statistics Authority accredited: PSAHelpline.ph (formerly NSOhelpline.com); PSAserbilis.com.ph to facilitate and process PSA certificates on their behalf.

If you need to request a copy of your PSA documents such as birth, marriage, death certificate and certificate of no marriage record simply visit the websites mentioned above. By requesting online it gives you the advantage of tracking the status of your ordered documents using the reference number of your request.

Step 1:

In creating an order for your desired document/s, fill out the details on the application form provided by the website and select the purpose of your request. Make sure to double check everything you entry before proceeding to the next step. You might be in a hurry and wanting to finish your request ASAP but remember, double checking everything saves you a lot of trouble, time and money. If you entry a wrong information, you might need to reorder and pay for it again.

Step 2:

As of this year, 2019, It cost 465 pesos to pay the CENOMAR Online fee. Visa, Security Bank, Mastercard, Metrobank, Bancnet ATM, 7-Eleven, Globe Gcash and ECPay is the accepted mode online payment for PSA online.

Step 3:

As I said earlier, you can check and track the status of your requested certificate by entering the reference number you get from your order.

After receipt of payment, processing and delivery of paid request takes about 3 to 9 working days within the Philippines and 6 o 8 weeks if outside the country.

As of 2019 PSA CENOMAR Fees

As of 2019, the latest cost of CENOMAR processing fees are: 465 pesos per copy and $25.30 if delivered abroad; 210 pesos per copy – branch fee; 235 pesos per copy- SM Business Service Fee.

How to Get PSA CENOMAR at the PSA Branch

Processing of CENOMAR request at the PSA branch is the same procedure. The advantages of getting your desired document/s at any PSA branch are: you will receive your paper within the day and the document is cheaper than ordering it online. The disadvantage of this method is the possibility of waiting for your turn. It will eat a lot of your time and you need to take a one day leave from work to process it.

If you are in a hurry, better visit the PSA branch and endure the long lines plus the possibility of unpaid leave. But if you are not in a hurry, you can simply order it online and pay it in your available time. The documents will be delivered to your door step.

How to Get PSA CENOMAR at SM

Same procedure applies: fill out an application form and pay the processing fee. The price is higher compared to branch fee and you will get your certificate at an average of 7 days. You can ask them to deliver it to your door step but with additional fee of course.

PSA Cenomar Application Form

When getting a CENOMAR, green form is for the PSA branches and white form for SM Business Centers.

Cenomar Validity

The validity of CENOMAR is mainly from the date on the certificate. Your status as single can change when you marry, that is why any office or agency can request you to provide a new CENOMAR copy. If it was released by the Philippine Statistics Authority with its official seal and current signatory then the document is authentic.

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