Learn How to get Barangay Business Permit Clearance

Barangay Business Clearance is one of the permits and or documents required when registering a new business or renewing your business permits in the Philippines. You also need this clearance if you change a new business location or changing a new commercial name.

Visit your Barangay Hall or Office of the Barangay Captain in your area where your business is under jurisdiction before renewing your business license.

Barangay Business Permit Clearance Requirements:

Latest Community Tax Certificate (Cedula); DTI Business Name Registration; Barangay Business Permit Fee.

Barangay Business Permit Clearance Procedures

Visit your Barangay Hall or Office of the Barangay Captain to process your Business clearance or permit. It will only take a while to get your clearance depending on the transactions being made in your barangay during the time of your visit. Make sure you prepare the necessary documents listed above and the fee to your clearance.

Each barangay have different fees: from 50 to 500 pesos. Better ask how much is the fee you need to prepare for your Business clearance.

Before leaving, check every information and detail is accurate like CTC number and business name. Make sure an official receipt is attached on your Barangay Business Clearance Certificate for some Municipality ask for the attached receipt as well.

Have a copy of your original documents and or certificates just in case you lost one.

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