Learn How to Get PSA Birth Certificate

Learn the step-by-step guides on how to get PSA (formerly NSO) Birth Certificate online & different ways to get authenticated PSA Birth Certificate aside.

Latest PSA Birth Certificate Requirements

Application form from PSA; Certificate fee of 155 pesos; valid ID for both owner & document requester; authorization letter & ID of document owner & ID of the requester if the requester is not:

  • document owner
  • parent
  • spouse
  • direct descendant
  • legal guardian/institution in-charge
  • minor

How to Get PSA Birth Certificate

There are 3 ways how to get PSA birth certificate: PSA branch office; PSA Birth Certificate Online; PSA Accredited Centers.

Procedures in Getting PSA Birth Certificate at PSA Branch

The advantage of getting your PSA Birth Certificate at PSA branch is you will be able to receive your authenticated birth certificate within the day. The disadvantage is you might need to wait for a long queue. There are many applicants requesting for certificates every day.

To avoid long queue avoid monday and visit the PSA branch early morning if you want to get your requested document before noon.

Step 1:

Fill out the application form at the PSA branch and submit it to the assessing officer to verify your details. Also, to check if your requirements are complete and accepted.

Step 2:

Go to the cashier and pay the application fee of 155 pesos per copy. That is the latest fee and price of getting a PSA Birth Certificate.

Step 3:

Wait for your PSA Birth Certificate to be released at the next window. Make sure to check your certificate for any correction or error before leaving the vicinity.

How to Get PSA Birth Certificate Online

The hassle-free, most convenient and easiest way to get PSA birth certificate is getting it online through PSAHelpline.ph (formerly NSOhelpline.com) and or PSAserbilis.com.ph. 

This online service of PSA allow those people living overseas to request their own PSA document. To make sure you get an authentic copy of your PSA documents, only use either of the website I mentioned above as they are authorized by PSA.

Procedures in Getting PSA Birth Certificate Online

Step 1:

Visit any of the website I mentioned above that is PSA accredited, Select Order button to order your PSA Birth Certificate and provide your details.

Step 2:

Pay the processing fee of 330 pesos per copy using your credit card online, use your Bancnet card or pay thru an ATM. Also, payments are accepted through ECPay, 7-Eleven stores, GCash, and over the counter in all Security and Metrobank branches nationwide.

Fees here are higher compared to the first method in getting your PSA birth certificate because it covers delivery charges as well.

Step 3:

Document will be delivered anywhere in the Philippines within 2 to 7 working days depending on your location after the confirmation of payment. Make sure to leave a copy of your ID and the printed authorization letter you get from PSA website if you happen to go somewhere else during the time of the delivery date.

How to Get PSA Birth Certificate in SM Business Centers

SM and The Philippine Statistics Authority has a partnership to process PSA certificates to serve and facilitate Filipinos better. The usual release of certificates through SM business center is 7 days. The same requirements, valid ID, processing fee, and authorization letter if you have a representative.

Procedures in Getting PSA Birth Certificate in SM Business Center

Step 1:

Fill out the application form

Step 2:

155 pesos per copy plus 25 pesos service fee for each request if you request your PSA birth certificate through SM Business Center.

Step 3:

To claim your document at the releasing section of SM Business Services, make sure to bring the receipt, your authorization letter f you have a representative and valid ID.

That’s it! Which method of getting your PSA Birth Certificate will you use and why? Leave your comments below.

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