Learn the Requirements and Procedures for Mayor’s Permit

Getting Mayor’s permit is one of the documents that is required to run a business if you are a business owner or wanting to start a business.

LearnHow to Apply for Mayor’s Permit in the Philippines

Gather the complete documents needed first before going to Municipal’s office where your business is located. It is very easy and fast to apply for a Mayor’s business permit but the cost of Mayor’s permit or the license depends upon the type of business you have.

Mayor’s Permit Requirements and Procedures

Requirements for New Mayor’s Permit

Filled up application form; Proof of business registration from DTI/SEC/Cooperative Development Authority or CDA; Community Tax Certificate; Barangay Business Clearance; Contract of Lease (if lessee); Basis for computing taxes, fees and charges (e.g. Business Capitalization); Location Sketch of the Business.

Requirements for Renewal of Mayor’s Permit

  • Community Tax Certificate
  • Barangay Business Clearance
  • Prior Year’s Print out of Mayor’s Permit / T. O. P.
  • Basis for computing taxes, fees and charges (e.g. Income Tax Returns / Sworn Statement of Gross Sales)

Steps and Procedures in Getting Mayor’s Permit

1. Secure Clearances

  1. BIR Certificate of Payment – go to the BIR Agent
  2. Sanitary Permit – go to the Health Sanitary Inspector
  3. Building Permit – go to the Office of Building Official
  4. Fire Clearance – go to the Bureau of Fire Department
  5. Zoning Clearance – go to the Zoning Administrator

2. Have your files verified by the business permit licensing staff to Filing and Assessment section. Have your files assessed by the Municipal Treasurer’s.

3. You need to pay the amount to the cashier after the Mayor approved the issuance of your Tax Order Payment.

4. Secure your Certificate of Registration and have your Mayor’s Permit released after payment.

That’s how easy securing a business mayor’s permit now a day. Some municipalities have slightly different procedures compared to what we discussed here. Make sure to know the procedures ahead of time.

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