The Difference Between Professional and Sub-Professional Civil Service Exam

We have many questions in our minds that want answers. Thus, searching for answers in the net is the best thing to do. You visit this article in hope that I can answer most of your questions. Am I eligible to take the exam even if I’m just a high school graduate? Do I need 72 units in college before I can apply for Professional category?

The Benefit of Passing the Professional and Sub-Professional Civil Service Exam

This is one of the most common questions that needs to be address.

You need not take for Civil Service Exam if you already take and pass for any board exam. RA 1080 eligibility is enough. Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Engineers and others, are not required to take the Civil Service Exam anymore.

There are certain positions in the government that doesn’t need Civil Service Eligibility but is only available for lower positions. They are the salary grade 5 or lower. Usually, having a certificate of training is enough.

If you visit the list of vacant position from DOJ Website, a salary grade 6 needs 1st level eligibility or sub-professional. Administrative Aide VI, clerk III is considered a salary grade 6 positions.

Even salary grade 10 positions like Computer File Librarian II needs to have 1st level eligibility. If you are a sub-professional, you can get a job from the government with the positions available from grade 6 until 10. But there is certain position in salary grade 10 that requires you to have 2nd level eligibility or Professional like Administrative officer 1 and Records Officer 1.

Salary grade 11 positions like Administrative Officer II (HRMO 1), Administrative Officer II (Management & Audit Analyst 1), Computer Programmer 1, and Internal Auditor 1 needs 2nd level eligibility or Professional.

You’ll know the salary of each government employee by knowing their salary grade level and looking at the salary grade table. Higher level indicates higher salary.

You don’t need Civil Service Eligibility if you are working for a private company but if you have this eligibility you can add it in your resume.

What to Take? Sub-Professional or Professional Civil Service Exam?

It is up to you. What is your target goal? If you are aiming for salary grade eleven or higher, better take Professional Civil Service Exam.

You need not be a college graduate to take the Professional Civil Service Exam. As long as you are 18 years old and above.

Giving the opportunity and chance for the best to have the eligibility at the possible earliest time. No need to be a college graduate or those with 72 units.

Proline Daclan (Public Assistance Division Chief of the Civil Service Commission-7 as of 2017)

You need not be a high school or college graduate to take either Sub-Professional or Professional exam based on CSC. That is why you can’t see High School grades or College TOR on the given requirements.

If you are only a high school graduate and you want to take the exam. Take the Sub-Professional first before taking the Professional exam. But please bear in mind that most positions requires you to be a college graduate or at least you have been to college for 2-yrs.

It’s really up to you how far you’re gonna push yourself. God Bless in Advance for taking Civil Service Exam. I know you can do it!

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