UMID Card: SSS Cuts Down Replacement Fee

For the Unified Multi-Purpose Identification or UMID card, the Social Security System announced that the replacement fee will be lowered down to 200 from 300 pesos.

The 100 peso deduction will be good news to those who lost their UMID Card or needed to have some information changed according to SSS President and Chief Executive Officer Emmanuel F. Dooc.

We are pleased to announce that the Social Security Commission (SSC) headed by Chairman Amado D. Valdez approved the proposal to lessen the replacement fee thus it is only 200 pesos now.

Emmanuel F. Dooc

The commission approved the deduction for replacing UMID Card because the cost for data capture and card production decreased with the help of an ID card provider based on SSC Resolution No. 604- series of 2017.

As stated in SSS Office Order 2017-066, the lower replacement fee has been in effect since December.

It is not only those people that lost their UMID Card can benefit from the lower replacement fee but also the members who want to correct their identification cards.

A replacement fee shall only be paid if (1) You want to change your old SSS ID to UMID (2) Your UMID needs correction or change in name, birth date, birth place, or gender (3) damaged or old UMID card, or (4) Updating information such as address, picture or signature.

The initial application fee is FREE if you will acquire your SSS-UMID card for the first time.

The member will not be charged any fee if the error on the UMID Card was caused by wrong encoding on SSS part. This includes errors made from previous application.

Payments shall be accepted from SSS partner banks for the replacement fee for the UMID card.

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