Getting SSS Salary Loan: Complete Guide

It is easier today to apply for an SSS salary loan compared before. The Philippine Social Security System can apply for loans from the comfort of their own homes, thanks to a more developed online system! After making at least 36 months total contributions, and 6 months of contribution in the last twelve months, SSS members can apply for a cash loan equivalent to one month’s or two months’ worth of their salary. It is also open to SSS members currently stationed abroad and not just limited to local members.

Here are the Requirements:

  • SSS digitized ID or E-6
  • 2 valid photo IDs (Click to see acceptable IDs)

Register online via their SSS official website to use the E-service tab to apply for the loan and receive a confirmation via email, along with a transaction number for the request.

To get a member loan application form, self-employed or voluntary payors will need to visit the nearest SSS branch, along with the following documents:

  • SSS digitized ID or e-6
  • Accomplished SSS Form ISL-101
  • 2 valid photo IDs with signature

At SSS Foreign Representative Offices, OFW members can apply for salary loan if available in their area. OFW member can always designate a representative to submit their application and documents to their nearest SSS branch if unavailable to their location.

  • A letter of Authority signed by both the OFW borrower and authorized representative
  • Accomplished member loan application form
  • OFW’s SS card or two valid phot IDs with signature
  • Authorized Representative’s SSS card or two valid photo IDs with signature

On the application, original copies of supporting documents must be provided.

Getting SSS Salary Loan: Complete Guide
Getting SSS Salary Loan: Complete Guide

To avoid application delays, employed members should submit an updated Specimen Signature Card (SS Form L-501).

The disbursement of your loan applications will take two to three weeks to approve from the date of application whether via the SSS website or processed at a branch.

A 1% service fee will be charged to your total loan proceeds. Salary loans are meant to be payable within 24 monthly installments. The monthly amortization begins on the second month following the date of the loan, due on or before the payment deadline.

I hope your loan application will be approve as soon as possible.

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