Here’s Why Being Your Own Boss is Cool

Many have doubts in starting their own business. They are afraid of fallback and setback. They know that being self-employed means you need to be passionate, hard work and must have logic and effective business system. If you been wanting to start your own business but are still unsure of it, let these reasons from four experienced millennials’ convince you why being your own boss will be worth it despite the possible challenges you’ll face along the way.

You Work On Your Own Time

Having the power to make your own schedule relives you from much of the load.

Through it, I am able to prioritize my responsibilities and properly delegate tasks according to the strengths and weaknesses of my team.

Nicole Uy, pastry chef and owner of The Flour Girl Bakery

Nicole is able to take vacations with her family anytime she wants even though she has to be responsive to clients and demands of running a business 24/7.

You Can Work From Anywhere

Time is one of the most important and most expensive investment one could ever do. Because you can’t bring back the time that you lost or waste. More time means more profit if you use it correctly and productively.

Working in my preferred location is a solid foundation for my projects, because I get to work in my ideal place, I am fueled to be more creative with my plans and more relaxed to make sound decisions.

Civil Engineer and Masfino Trade & Construction owner, Marc Follosco

You Can Set Your Own Goals and Limitations

It is only you who can tell what you can and cannot do. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t limit him/herself from doing and achieving goals, then working as your own boss lets you reap that benefit.

I am able to push myself to do more in my own phasing. Since I don’t exclusively work for a company,
I have the luxury to work on projects I am passionate about and with the people I want to work with.

Award-winning film director Carlo Catu

You Can Choose The People You Work With

Attitude is more important than aptitude, since we get to choose the people we work with, we make sure to create a positive environment in the office. A lighter and more positive atmosphere makes hustling the whole day much easier.

Abby Garcia, Chief Creative Officer and co-owner of OMG Design Concepts

Most people prefer attitude over skills. Skills can be learned easily while developing the right attitude takes time.

You Grow Both Your Professional And Personal Skills

As reflected on the experiences of Nicole, Marc, Carlo, and Abby, all that hard work required to run your own business forces you to grow.

Carlo makes sure to show appreciation for his crew despite having sleepless nights directing his films. He never forgets to show his appreciation to them. It’s a simple gesture but to his crew, it means a lot.

To balance priorities involving family, clients, and construction site, Marc maintains smart working habits to do so.

Nicole was trained to be wiser when engaging in business transactions when she started to take the challenges of completing government requirements and dealing with different kinds of people.

If you are inspired by what they shared and if you think you’re ready to take the same leap, be prepared with the challenges ahead of you of becoming your own boss.

Take care not only in your finances and your business but also with your health. Because health is wealth.

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