DFA Will Be Accepting Postal ID for Passport Applications

Year 2016 my friend wanted to get a passport so she can visit her Fiancé in the US. She doesn’t have a UMID ID back then or any government IDs for that matter. She decided to get a postal ID instead. When her appointment date came, to her surprise, Postal ID is not on the list of acceptable IDs for passport application. She just wasted a day travel just to be there and end up not being able to process her passport application. What lesson can we get from her experience? Simple. Before making any appointment to process your passport application, make sure that you already have all the requirements. Most importantly, your ID. Make sure that the ID you have is one of DFA’s acceptable IDs.

How many of us wish that DFA accepts Postal ID for passport application? I do. Even though I already have a passport, but I love that idea so my friends, families, and other people who only have Postal ID as their valid government ID can now process their passport application.

I was very excited reading that starting August 1, 2019, The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) would be recognizing the postal ID issued by the Philippine Postal Corporation (PhlPost) as a valid government-issued ID for passport applications according to inquirer.net.

A memorandum of agreement (MOA) was signed by the PhlPost, represented by Assistant Postmaster General for Marketing and Support Services Luis Carlos and the DFA, represented by Office of Consular Affairs Assistant Secretary Neil Frank Ferrer last July 8, 2019.

The MOA provides the establishment of the Postal ID Online Verification System (POVS), a software application that facilitates the easy verification of the PhlPost ID,” the DFA said in a statement on Tuesday PhlPost, in a separate statement, noted that the MOA would also provide the DFA access to the POVS.
The POVS is a web-based application developed by the government-owned postal service corporation, the PhlPost said.
According to PhlPost, the DFA would utilize the POVS “to verify the authenticity of the postal ID card presented by a cardholder.”
“POVS is expected to address concerns on the integrity of the card being presented, issues concerning counterfeit cards and the manner of seamlessly verifying and authenticating postal ID cards,” it added.


Don’t you have any government IDs but Postal? Worry no more for starting this August 1, 2019, DFA will accept Postal ID. If you’ve been wanting to process your passport application, this is the time that you’ve been waiting for.

When visiting their website, you can still see that the IDs acceptable to process passport applications are the following:

DFA Will Be Accepting Postal ID for Passport Applications
DFA Will Be Accepting Postal ID for Passport Applications

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