Tips to Pass the Final Interview and Get Hired as a Call Center Agent

It is good to know that you passed the initial interview. It means you are moving forward to the next stage, but it is not the right time to congratulate yourself yet since the final interview is still waiting for you. No worries, I got your back! Here are some tips to be Call Center Agent.

Things To Expect At Your Final Interview:

Questions About Behavior

Behavioral questions mostly start with “What if” or “What would you do”. It usually delves into how candidates handled past situations to learn about their ability to perform in a position. If by any chance you will be asked those questions, it only means that the interviewer is assessing your working behavior and skills, they are figuring how likely you are going to fit and adapt to the call center working environment.

The question usually starts with a given scenario then follows with what would you do or in some cases, what did you do. Here are a few examples:

  • “Give me an example of a conflict you had with an employee. How did you resolve it?”
  • “What would you do if you have a rude boss who’s affecting your productivity inside the working environment? “

Here are some tips on how can you prepare for a Behavioral Interview Questions for Call Center Agent:

  • Do homework
    -You want to study and research the job description and company you will be interviewing with to help you prepare for a behavioral-based interview. 
  • Be prepared with a list of competencies, attributes, and skills
    -Think about the type of competencies the company is looking for.
  • Focus on the ups and downs
    -Come up with some examples or scenarios that were challenging, yet you overcome successfully. 
  • Reminisce about your past and make a list
    -Take note of your past experiences and successes that highlight the list of competencies, skills, and attributes.

Questions About Customer Service

These questions will test your skills when it comes to giving your service to a customer.

Here are some examples of Customer Service questions:

  • “If the customer is irate, how will you handle it?”
  • “What is good customer service means to you?”

Here are some tips to answer the Customer Service Questions:

  • Acknowledge the feelings of the customer
  • Understand the main reason of the problem
  • Give the best resolution possible without disregarding the company’s process

Questions About Sales

Sales questions will only be included if you are applying to a sales account. The interviewer will ask these questions to check if you will be able to sell your products without any problem.

Here are some example of Sales Questions:

  • “How will you sell a cat to a dog lover?”
  • “How will you sell me this paper?”

Here are some tips to answer Sales Questions:

  • Sound confident
  • Sound convincing
  • Pay attention to the tone of your voice

Questions That Came Out Of Knowhere

Do not be surprised when in the middle of the interview your interviewer asks you weird questions. Weird questions are designed to catch you off guard and see how will you react and answer that difficult situation. Keep in mind that they are testing out your problem-solving skills, hence the surprise element.

Here are some of the examples of Weird Questions:

  • “How would you describe a rainbow to a blind person?”
  • “If you kill someone, how would you hide the body?”

Here are some tips to answer Weird Questions:

  • Just answer. There is no right or wrong answer.
  • Do not answer “I don’t know”
  • Be as spontaneous as possible
  • Deliver your answer with confidence

Follow-Up Questions

Testing out your reasoning skills is the main purpose of follow-up questions. Once you enter a call center environment it is a must that you have an exceptional reasoning skill.

All of the things stated above only means that you should make yourself prepared. Understand and remember that final interviews are designed to test your quality as a potential Call Center Agent. Prove that you are worthy and for sure you will pass. Call center companies always rooting for the applicants to pass because they always need a lot of headcounts to keep their operation running.

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