Guide on How To Claim Your Pag-IBIG Contributions

Do you need money and thinking if you can take advantage of your contributions to Pag-IBIG? You are correct. You can claim Pag-IBIG contributions you have paid throughout your working career and this article will help you familiarize yourself with what to do.

Met These Conditions to Claim Pag-IBIG Contributions:

  • Membership Maturity
    -Must have paid Pag-IBIG contribution for 240 months or 20 year
    -Contributions can be claimed if you’re Pag-IBIG Overseas Program Member at the end of five (5), ten (10), fifteen (15), or twenty (20), depending on what you chose during your registration
  • Retirement
    -Must be 60 to 65 years old
    -However, a member can also retire as early as 45 years old but should do actual retirement from the GSIS, SSS, or a separate employer provident/retirement plan
  • Permanent Total Disability or Insanity
    -If illness or injury affects the ability to work or run a business. It can either be a physical or mental disability
  • Separation from Service due to Health Reasons
    -Inability to work because of critical health conditions.
  • Permanent Departure from the Philippines
    -If you will migrate to another country.
  • Death
    -In case of death, legal heirs are entitled to file the application for Provident Benefits Claim

Requirements Needed:

Additional Requirements Needed Depending On The Reason:

  • Retirement
    -Original Birth Certificate
    -If you are 45 years old, you must bring Notarized Certificate of Early Retirement
    -For government employee, you must bring retirement voucher from GSIS
    -For Armed Forces of the Philippines member, you must bring Order of Retirement
  • Permanent Total Disability or Insanity
    -Physician’s Certification or Statement
  • Permanent Departure from the Country
    – Notarized Sworn Declaration of Intention to Depart from the Philippines permanently
    -Passport Photocopy
    –   Residence Visa /Immigrant Visa/Settlement Visa
  • Death
    – Death Certificate (NSO)
    – Birth Certificate of all children (NSO)
    -Baptismal/Confirmation Certificate
    -Marriage Certificate (If Married)
    -Certificate of No Marriage (If Single)
    -Proof of surviving legal heirs.
    You may use this link:
    -With minor heirs: Affidavit of Guardship.
    You may use this link:
    Pag-IBIG Forms

If you have paid for at least 20 years and wanted to claim your contributions, go ahead. Visit the nearest Pag-IBIG in your location and inquire.

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