What To Know And How To Get SSS Unemployment Benefits

Who doesn’t want their family to experience a prosperous life? Of course, we all want to give our family everything that they need, we all want them to experience how good life is. However, there are circumstances that may happen which is beyond our control but with SSS Unemployment Benefits, we can now start and cope up with the bad experiences that happened.

Losing a job is one of life’s major stress that a worker can experience especially to those persons who have a lot of responsibilities to their family.

Thinking of how will you be able to provide for your family’s daily needs is kind of stressful. This time, there are so many people looking for a job, so it’s not that easy to find a new job immediately.

SSS Unemployment Benefits

Good thing because SSS created a way to help unemployed members who got involuntarily separated from their work. They will be able to receive cash benefits via SSS Unemployment Benefits.

All qualified members who got involuntarily separated are eligible to receive a cash equivalent to 50% of their average monthly salary credit. (Maximum or not exceeding Php 10,000 per month)

Accepted Reasons Behind Involuntary Separation:

-Threatening Disease
-Cessation of operation
-Installation of Labor-Saving Devices

Unaccepted Reasons:

-Neglect of duties
-Disobedience to lawful orders
-Serious Crime

Eligibility Requirement:
-Not 60 years old when got involuntarily separated
-Member must have 36 monthly contributions (12 months of it must be paid within 18th month before the month of separation)
-No record of claimed unemployment insurance for the last 3 years from the date of involuntary separation.

Required Documents:

– UMID Card enrolled as ATM (If unavailable, Bank Statement from UBP is acceptable)
-Notice of Termination
-Photocopy of 1 primary ID card (If unavailable, two supplementary ID needs to be provided) -Certification issued by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) (Must include reason and date of involuntary separation)

*Once you already have all the requirements needed, submit it at the nearest SSS branch at your location for them to verify and check. Verifying and processing will take much longer, so you must be patient. Kindly wait for the SSS staff to call your name and they will explain further instruction.

*Unemployment benefit is not a loan, it is a cash benefit that you can get from SSS if you are eligible. You don’t need to pay for the amount that you will receive even if you find a new job.

For additional information, you may consider contacting SSS customer service using this contact number: 1800 10 225 5777

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