Steps On How To Check And View Your SSS Contribution Online

If you’re a member of SSS, it is your responsibility to check if your monthly contribution has been posted, especially for our OFW members since they are paying for their contribution voluntarily monthly. Good thing is that you can now check SSS contribution online instead of going to their branch.

Check SSS contribution online

Guide on how to check SSS contribution online:

*NOTE: You must have an SSS online account for you to able to view your monthly contributions. If you still don’t have an account you may consider to create using this guide: Guide on how to register to SSS online.
However, if you already have an account, proceed to the first step.

  1. Go to
  2. Fill in the necessary information (User ID & Password) then click “Submit”
Guide to check SSS Contribution Online

3. If you don’t have an SSS online account yet, click the “Click here” and you may use this guide to create: Guide on how to register to SSS online.

4. Once logged in, locate the E-Services tab and click the “Inquiry”.

5. Once you clicked the “Inquiry” button, you will be redirected to Employee Static Information Page. All your information will be displayed on that page including your monthly contribution.

Make it a habit to always check if your monthly contribution has been posted after you pay. It is very important to keep on every payment to avoid problems in the future and if by any chance your payment wasn’t posted, you should contact SSS and inform them about your concern, so they can handle and fix it as soon as they can.

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