Government Employees’ Year-End Bonus and Cash Gift

Every hard-working employee deserves a bonus for giving their best and exerting effort to do a good performance at work. So it’s good to know that government employees’ bonus will be given. It includes a Year-End Bonus and Cash Gift.

The year-End bonus amount will be equivalent to their 1-month basic pay with the additional Php 5,000 cash gift.

However, the government employee will only be eligible if he/she rendered at least four months of service from January 1 to October 31 of the current year and the employee must remain to be in government service as of October 31 of the same year. The amount of Year-End Bonus will depend on the length of service.

Government Employees' Bonus

Here’s the table that will show the percentage of the Government Employees’ Bonus.

Service DurationYear-End Bonus and
Cash Gift Percentage
4 months50%
5 months60%
6 months70%
7 months80%
8 months90%
9 months95%

Government employees who have rendered less than 4 months of service starting January 1 to October 1 of the current year and still work in the government as of October 31 of the same year will be eligible for a pro-rated cash gift. Here’s the table that will show the percentage of cash gift.

Service DurationPercentage of Cash Gift
(Php 5,000)
3 months40%Php 2,000
2 months30%Php 1,500
1 month20%Php 1,000
Less than 1 month10%Php 500

Personnel and Positions Eligible for Year-End Bonus and Cash Gift:

-Appointive or Elective
-Casual in nature
-Part-Time or Full-Time
-Legislative and Judicial Branches
-Constitutional Offices
-SUCs and GOCCs
-Military Personnel of AFP
-Uniformed Personnel of PNP
-Bureau of Fire Protection
-Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (DILG)
-Philippine Coast Guard
-National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (DENR)

After giving your best at your work, it will be satisfying to know that you will receive a bonus. All your hard work really pays off.

*For additional information, you may consider inquiring to the HR department at your work. Since this article only provides basic information. Talking with them personally will provide you knowledge and information that this article might not provide.

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