Pag-IBIG Contribution Increase Has Been Approved

Pag-IBIG wanted to help so many Filipino. They want to give the best service that they can give and just recently. The Pag-IBIG contribution increase has been approved for monthly payment. This has been done so that Filipinos can loan bigger amounts. Compare to the amount that they can loan before.

From Php 100 per month as of now, the contribution will increase up to Php 150 this coming January 2021. It will increase again in 2023 for up to Php 200.

According to Pag-IBIG Chief Executive Officer, Acmad Moti, increasing monthly contribution is the only way to help many Filipinos who wanted to apply for a loan. If the monthly contribution will increase, Pag-IBIG doesn’t have to loan to another company anymore.

In addition, he also stated that “Pag di tayo nagtaas, sa lakas ng growth ng ating pautang lalo na sa pabahay, by next year, kakapusin na tayo ng P1.4 billion”.

Compared to Php 2,400 yearly minimum contribution as of now, expect that it will increase up to Php 3,600 by the year 2021 and Php 4,800 by the year 2023.

Let’s all be responsible payor so that we can take advantage of all the benefits that Pag-IBIG offers.

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