Pag-IBIG Fund Membership Main Benefits

Having Pag-IBIG fund savings is a good thing. It is a fast and affordable way of saving for your future and for your family as well. In addition, if you are a member you will be entitled to get a lot of advantages and Pag-IBIG Fund benefits.

Pag-IBIG Fund Benefits

Here are some of the Pag-IBIG fund benefits:

Pag-IBIG Housing Loan
If you wanted to have your own house and you are a Pag-IBIG member you must be thankful. Why, because you can avail the housing loan that Pag-IBIG offers to their members.

Pag-IBIG supports its members and makes it possible for their dream house to come true. They offer affordable and flexible loans. One of the good things to consider is that their loans come with low interest. It is also payable for up to 30 years.

A member can loan up to 3M if he/she is qualified.

Here’s a housing loan guide that might help:

Pag-IBIG Provident Saving
If you’re a member your Pag-IBIG contribution is considered as your savings. Once you have paid your Pag-IBIG contribution long enough, you will be able to get or withdraw your money.

Here’s our guide on how to claim your Pag-IBIG contribution that might help:

Pag-IBIG Short Term Loan
All Pag-IBIG members are eligible to apply for a loan if they are qualified.
Members can apply for a Calamity loan and Multi-Purpose Loan. Members who are a victim of calamities can apply for Calamity Loan, while members who needed money to start a business can apply for a Multi-Purpose Loan.

These benefits will only be available to Pag-IBIG members, so if you are not a member yet, think twice about applying on being a member.

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