Guide On How To Get A PhilHealth ID

Being a member or having a PhilHealth ID is a big help. In addition, you will be able to get all the benefits when it comes to healthcare and hospitalization benefits. We can’t control what will happen every day so in case of emergency, it will help you pay for hospital charges and professional fees for the doctors, or in short, it helps you save money on hospital bills.

How to get PhilHealth ID

Why should I get PhilHealth? What are the benefits?

Here is the list of the benefits:

  • Outpatient Benefits
    PhilHealth provides medical treatment and procedures for these cases that don’t require hospitalization:
    -Day surgeries
    -Outpatient blood transfusion
    -Primary care benefits
  • Inpatient Benefits
    PhilHealth will deduct a certain amount to the total of the bill before the patient gets discharged. The discount will cover professional fees, room and board fees, medicines, laboratory tests, and operating room use.
  • Z Benefits
    -PhilHealth provides financial support to its PhilHealth members and beneficiaries who suffer from severe diseases. Such diseases include:
    – Breast cancer
    -Prostate cancer
    -Colon cancer
    – Leukemia
    *For children beneficiaries:
    – Developmental Problem
    -Visual Problem
    -Hearing Problem
  • Maternity Benefits
    The benefits covered will be:
    -Maternity care package
    -Benefits for high-risk delivery
    -Normal delivery package
    -Newborn care package
  • SDG-Related Benefits
    The diseases that are covered will be:
    -Animal Bite
  • Mental Health Services

PhilHealth Application Requirements:

-Accomplished PhilHealth Membership Registration form. You can download the form here:
-Photocopy of PSA Birth Certificate
*If PSA Birth Certificate is not available, two valid IDs will work

How To Apply For A Regular PhilHealth ID:

PhilHealth’s regular ID will be issued along with the PhilHealth number and Member Data Record once you become a member.

  • The first thing to do is to visit any PhilHealth office
  • Bring your PhilHealth number and two valid IDs
  • Get a request form and a queue number
  • Fill up the form that was given
  • Put a check to the box next to PhilHealth Identification Card
  • Once you’ve been called, give your accomplished form
  • After that, officers will process your request and wait patiently until they release your ID.
    *Do not forget to put a photo and signature on your ID and make sure to laminate it to make it last longer.

For more inquiries and assistance, you may consider to reach out to them using this hotline: (02) 441-7442.

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