Guide To Get A Postal ID

Postal ID Application

We all know that the Postal ID’s purpose before is for postal transactions only, but the newly improved ID broaden its usage. Now you can use it for opening a bank account and applying for a government-issued ID.

The new Postal ID has its own security features that make it hard to counterfeit. Biometrics and databases were all stored at one central location to ensure every card released is genuine and to prevent some individuals from creating fake identities. It also has a 3D image, encrypted QR code, and many more value-added features.

Person Who Are Eligible To Apply:
-Filipino Citizen
-Foreign residents who stayed in the Philippines for 6 months

Requirements For Application:
-Personal Appearance
-Accomplished Application Form. You can download it here:
-Proof of identity, original, and photocopy (PSA Birth Certificate, Passport, Driver’s license, or UMID)
*If you don’t have any of those, you can use a valid ID that shows your signature and photo
– Proof of address, original, and photocopy (Barangay Clearance, Bank Statement, Utility Bill or School Billing)

Application Process:
-Visit the nearest Post Office at your location
-Submit all the requirements
-Pay for the fee (Php 504.00)
-Go to capture station
-Make sure to double-check the information you provided and your biometrics
-Once, done wait for your ID to be delivered to your mailing address. The employee who processed your application will give you the delivery date

You can get health, food, beauty, living, leisure, travel benefits from the Postal ID Privilege Program. So what are you waiting for, get your ID now and take advantage of the benefits they offer.

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