Tips To Prevent Delays When Claiming SSS Benefits

Who doesn’t want a hassle-free procedure when claiming the benefits you deserve? Of course, everyone wants the procedure and transaction to be easy and smooth. That’s why we created SSS benefits claiming tips.

In case something happened, we will be able to get our claims, benefits, and loans in a timely manner.

SSS benefits claiming tips:

Make sure to keep your payment updated

It doesn’t matter if you’re employed or not, but it is your obligation to check if your contribution is updated or being posted by your employer. You must always keep an eye on your monthly contribution. If your employer failed to pay it, you can file a claim against them.

Make sure to pay your previous loan regularly

When you have a previous loan from SSS, it is your obligation to pay it regularly, because if you have a good payment record there’s a big chance that you can apply for a loan again. Always check and make sure to pay your loan on time.

Own only one (1) SSS account or number

Make sure to only have one active account number to SSS. Having multiple accounts can lead to delays when you are claiming your benefits and applying for a loan.

Keep your beneficiaries/dependents updated

Make sure to always update your beneficiaries. It is your family’s right to get the benefits that they deserve. In case of unforeseen events, they will be able to get help from SSS.

Keep your documents updated and present them when needed

Make sure to always check your documents. All information must be correct to avoid any delay or problem when you are claiming your benefits or applying for a loan. One of the most important documents that SSS needs is the Birth Certificate from PSA.

SSS benefits claiming tips

Always remember that being a responsible member will prevent you from any delays or hassle. Make sure to always update your SSS records.

For additional information, you may consider contact SSS customer service using this contact number: 1800 10 225 5777

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