Inquire SSS Loans, Contributions, and Benefits Using Text Message

Many members of the Social Security System (SSS) is still having a problem accessing their account online or inquiring online it can be because of slow internet connection or lack of technical knowledge. So, SSS created an easier way for members to inquire about SSS loans, contributions, and benefits. SSS inquiry via text message is now available.

To clarify there’s no need to go to the SSS branch and no need to have an internet connection, as long as you have a mobile phone you can easily inquire.

SSS inquiry via text message steps:

Register on the SSS Text Service

-Text SSS REG <SS Number> <Date of Birth in MM/DD/YY>
-Send to 2600 for Globe, Smart and Sun
-You will be charged P2.50 for Globe and Smart while P2.00 for Sun
*Example: SSS REG 121223234 09/10/68
– You will receive a message from 2600 containing your PIN once you’ve sent it

Know your SSS contribution

-Text  SSS CONTRIB <SS Number> <PIN>
-Send it to 2600
*Example:  SSS CONTRIB 121223234 5891

Get your SSS Payment Reference Number

– Text SSS PRN <SS Number> <PIN>  <Date of Birth in mm/dd/yyyy>
-Send it to 2600
*Example: SSS PRN 121223234 5891 09/10/68

Submit your Maternity Notification

-Text SSS MATERNITYNOTIF <SSNumber> <PIN> <Expected Delivery Date MM/DD/YYYY> <Total Number of Pregnancies (including present pregnancy)>
-Send it to 2600
*Example: SSS MATERNITYNOTIF 121223234 5891 10/12/2020

Check your Loan Application Status

-Text SSS LOANSTAT <SS Number> <PIN>
-Send it to 2600
*Example: SSS LOANSTAT 121223234 5891

Check your Remaining loan balance

-Simply text SSS LOANBAL <SS Number> <PIN> 
-Send it to 2600
*Example: SSS LOANBAL 121223234 5891

Check the status of your Benefit Application

1. SSS STATUS Sickness <SS Number> <PIN>
2. SSS STATUS Disability <SS Number> <PIN>
3. SSS STATUS Maternity <SS Number> <PIN>
4. SSS Status Retirement <SS Number> <PIN>
5. SSS STATUS Funeral <SS Number> <PIN>
6. SSS STATUS Death <SS Number> <PIN>

Reset your pin if you forgot it

-Text SSS RESET <SS Number> <Date of Birth>
-Then send it to 2600
*Example: SSS RESET 121223234 09/10/68

To know the required documents for benefits claims

Text these following keywords:
1. SSS DOC Maternity
2. SSS DOC Disability
3. SSS DOC Sickness
5. SSS DOC Death
6. SSS DOC Funeral
7. SSS DOC Retirement
8. SSS DOC Retirement Minor (For retiring members with minor dependents)
-Send it to 2600

To check the list of keywords

-Text SSS Help
-Send it to 2600

SSS inquiry via text message

Good thing that it is much easier for us to inquire using this new SSS text mobile service. But, take note that rates may change without prior notice.

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