Tips On How To Apply For A US Tourist Visa

Who Can Apply For A US Tourist Visa?

You can apply if the purpose of your visit is the following:
-Business Purpose (Temporary visit)
-Pleasure Purpose (Temporary visit)
-Medical Purpose (Temporary visit)
-Financial Evidence/documents that will show that you can cover expenses
-Guarantee that you will go back to your own country

Requirements For US Tourist Visa:

-2×2 Passport picture
-Proof of Payment for visa application processing fee
-Non-immigrant Visa Electronic Application Form or DS-160
-Travel itinerary
-Legal Documents that will show that you have property or business
-If employed, documents from your employer that impart this information: salary amount, work position, years of employment, and authorized vacation
-Certificate Of Employment
-Valid IDs
-Payslip from the last three months
-Any proof that you have a relative who is residing in the US such as a green card, etc.
-Documents that will show your previous US trip.
-Financial Statements
-Income tax records
-Documents that will show your previous travels

Application Process:

-The first thing to do is to pay for the application processing fee.
*Application Processing Fee is USD160, or Php 8,640
-Fill out the Nonimmigrant Visa Application form online and make sure to print a copy for your reference
-Schedule an appointment. You can schedule an appointment at this link:
-Make sure to ready your passport number, MRV payment receipt number, 10-digit barcode number on the DS-160 confirmation page.
-Visit the US Embassy Consulate on the date and time of your appointment. Bring all the needed documents and requirements.

Additional Tips:

The Interview part is the hardest part when getting a US visa. You will be interviewed by the US consul. If you pass the interview, you will be allowed to go to the US, but if not, you are not allowed to enter the country. Many Filipinos failed to pass the interview that’s why they weren’t able to go to the US because US consuls are very strict when it comes to an interview for getting a US visa. So it is a must for you to be prepared. Here are some tips may help you to pass the interview.

  • Be presentable
  • Communicate well in English. Speak clearly.
  • Be honest
  • Be straight forward when answering
  • Present a solid proof that you will come back, that your purpose on going there is only for vacation not for migrating illegally
  • Show documents that you have a good financial standing
  • Present the documents that were asked, do not show any additional documents if they are not asking for it. It might cause suspicion
  • Visit Us embassy website and check things that might help you
  • Provide only valid documents. Do not attempt to give fake documents.

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