How To Get A Driver’s License

If you own a car it is a must to get a driver’s license because the main purpose of this is ID is to notify law enforcement personnel that you have acquired your ID in the country where you live. It also means that you are legally allowed to drive a vehicle. In addition, a driver’s license is also considered a valid ID.

How to get Driver's license


  • 17 years old and must have Student-Driver’s permit.
  • Physically and mentally fit to drive
  • Must pass the examinations (written and practical)
  • Must know how to read and write (Filipino and English language)


  • Accomplished Application Form for Driver’s License
  • Electronically transmitted prescribed form medical certificate in LTO


For Non-Professional
-Original valid Student-Driver’s permit

For Professional
-Original valid Student-Driver’s Permit
-Original NBI clearance or PNP clearance
-TIN number


  1. Request for application form (ADL form)
  2. Get a queue number
  3. Fill out the ADL form
  4. Submit the form with the attached queue number
  5. Proceed to the cashier for payment fees
  6. Wait until you get called for the examination
  7. After that, proceeds to the encoding / biometric window
  8. Receives OR and the DL Card
  9. Sign in the log-in sheet

This article is only a guide. For additional information, you can contact LTO directly using this link:

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