Teachers Salary Will Increase This January 2020

On January 08, 2020, President Rodrigo Duterte signed a law which aims to increase teachers salary. It is under the Salary Standardization Law V.

It is a way of thanking all the effort of teachers amidst the pandemic is spreading all over the world.

So if you’re a teacher and you are wondering how much will be added in your salary, this chart below will help you find out.

Here’s the increase up to Four Tranches:

Teaching PositionSalary GradeFirst Tranche (2020)Second Tranche (2021)Third Tranche
Fourth Tranche
Teacher I11Php22,316Php23,877Php25,439Php27,000
Teacher II12Php24,495Php26,052Php27,608Php29,165
Teacher III13Php26,754Php28,276Php29,798Php31,320
Master Teacher I18Php42,159Php43,681Php45,302Php46,725
Master Teacher II19Php46,791Php48,313Php49,835Php51,357
Master Teacher III20Php52,703Php54,251Php55,799Php57,347
Master Teacher IV21Php59,353Php60,901Php62,449Php63,997

Public teacher will get a salary increase from 20% to 30% which will be a big help to every teacher especially at this hard times.

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