National ID Registration Will Start On July 2020

The Philippine Identification System ID or PhilSys ID will serve as the official national identity card for Filipino citizens worldwide and foreign permanent residents in the Philippines. Since the day when PhilSys has been announced many Filipino would like to get their own. So it’s good news for all of us because The Philippine Statistics Authority announced that this July of the year 2020, National ID Registration will start around the National Capital Region (NCR), Calabarzon, and Central Luzon. While for OFWs, registration is expected to start in the mid-year of 2021.

Since September 2019, PSA has already conducted a test registration on PhilSys ID, this has been done to check if there will be any problem once they release it to the public.

Here are the requirements and process of PhilSys ID:

1. Application Form
2. Original copy of either:
-Birth Certificate
-Government Issued ID (1)

3. Once you have all the requirements needed, proceed to any Registration centers such as:
-PSA provincial and regional offices
-Local Civil Registry Office
-Home Development Mutual Fund

4. They will record your Biometrics
5. After that, they will give your PhilSys number
6. After securing PSN, an official ID will be released

NOTE: National ID or PhilSys ID is free upon initial application.

Here are the advantages of having PhilSys ID:

  • Use it for Voter Registration
  • Driver’s License Application
  • Travel Visa and Passport Application
  • Educational Purposes such as Application in schools
  • Bank Application
  • Claiming your benefits from SSS, GSIS, PhilHealth, and Pag-IBIG.

Once the PhilSys ID has been officially releases do not miss your chance to get yours.

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