DOH is Now Giving Medical Scholarship

The Department of Health (DOH) Medical Scholarship will be given to increase the availability of Physician and health care professionals that will provide quality healthcare services.

The Department of Health is the executive department of the Government of the Philippines who’s responsible to make sure that public health services will be accessible by all Filipinos through the provision of quality health care and the regulation of all health services and products.

DOH Medical Scholarship

Here are the benefits that you will get from DOH Medical Scholarship:

  • Tuition Fees
  • Laboratory Fees
  • Miscellaneous Fees
  • Other school fees
  • Allowance which includes:
    -Transportation (Php880/a month)
    -Lodging (Php3,000/a month)
    -Living subsidy (Php4,500/a month)
    -Miscellaneous allowance (Php5,500/ per semester)
    -Uniform allowance (Php3,025/per semester)
    -Book allowance (Php12,100/per semester)
  • Philhealth insurance for 18 y/o and above (Php 200 per month)

Here are the qualifications:

  • Filipino Citizen
  • with Good moral character
  • Must have passed the Admission Requirements and Standard of school and DOH
  • Without any current scholarship grant
  • Priority will be given to any of the following:
    -Victims of calamities
    -Children of deceased police/soldiers
    -Dependents of Government Employees
    -Indigenous people

Here’s the Process of Application:

  • Applicants must apply directly to DOH partner school
  • The applicant will undergo a screening and selection process
  • Once done with the selection process, the partner school will endorse the list of applicants to DOH RO within the region
  • RO will endorse the results with the recommendation of HHRDB for approval by the Pre-Service Scholar
  • ship Program Management Committee
  • HHRDB will get in touch with the concerned ROs and Partner School to facilitate the enrollment of applicants
  • Once done with all the process, the Partner School will be the one to notify the applicants regarding the status of their application
  • Lastly, RO will provide the list of accepted Scholars to HHRDB for issuance of Department Personnel Order

For additional information or inquiries, you may contact the Career and Development Management Division at (02) 651 7800 locals 4227 or at (02) 743 1776 or you can reach them via email at [email protected]

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