Government P3 Lending Program

Government P3 Lending Program aims to help Filipinos who want to start a small business. The government focuses to help micro-entrepreneurs who usually loan money from 5-6 that has a high-interest rate.

Government P3 Lending Program

Persons who can borrow:

1. Market vendors
2. Sari-sari store owners
3. Stall owners
4. Others

Loanable amount:

Every micro-entrepreneurs can borrow Php 5,000 up to Php 200,000, depending on their capability to pay the loan. If you own a business and you have at least one employee, you can borrow up to Php 200,000 but the money that will be given can only be used in expanding your business and buying your stock, it is not intended for other uses.

Interest rate:

The interest rate will be 2.5% monthly

Requirements needed for application:

1. Loan application
2. Business registration/DTI Business Name Registration/Valid ID/Barangay Clearance
*NOTE: Some agencies may require you to submit more than what is listed above. Prepare for it and prepare all other documents that you think will be needed for the application.

Here’s the process if you apply:

1. Go to the nearest Negosyo Center
2. Inquire about the Pondo sa Pagbabago at Pag-asenso (P3) program
3. Once you have submitted all the requirements needed, DTI will conduct a background investigation to determine your capacity for the loan that you wanted to apply for.
4. Make sure to provide all the requirements that are needed, because failure to do so might lead to a denied application
5. Once the background investigation is done, and it’s approved your loan will be released right away

For additional information, you may consider contacting the following:
P3 hotline (02) 651-3333
Small Business Corp. hotline (02) 751-1888 / (02) 813-5711
Central Luzon (Smart: 0928-768-4674 / Globe: 0956-688-9496)
North Luzon (Smart: 0949-712-0802 / Globe: 0956-688-9518)
Visayas (Smart: 0921-534-3584 / Globe: 0995-549-2889)
Mindanao (Smart: 0949-712-0780 / Globe: 0956-674-0639)
Department of Trade and Industry: (02) – 751-3330 / 0917-834-3330

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