How To Get PRC ID

If you pass a licensure examination, you should be proud of yourself since not all Filipinos were able to take and pass that examination. In addition, if you pass the exam you will be entitled to get yourself a PRC ID, it is very vital to have a PRC ID because that will serve as living proof that you are a professional.

Once verified that you have already passed the examination, you can already get yourself a PRC ID. However, you need to undergo an online registration process before you can join the oath-taking and receive your PRD ID.

How to get PRC ID

Registration Fee Amount:

Examination TypeRegistration Fee
Examination that requires a Baccalaureate degrees Php 1,050.00
Examination that requires Non-Baccalaureate degrees Php 870.00
Medical representative and real estate salespersonPhp 450.00
Ocular pharmacology Php 1,200.00

Here are the steps on how to get your PRC ID:

Step 1: Prepare all the requirements needed

Here are the requirements you need to provide:
-Two (2) pcs 2×2 ID picture (Picture must be taken with white background, full name tag showed and attire with collar)
-Oath Form
-Notice of Admission/ NOA
-Two (2) documentary stamp
-Short brown envelop (1 pc)
-Registration Fee

Step 2: Sign In to PRC online portal

Visit this website and sign in, you can use this link to sign in:

Step 3: Choose the purpose of your transaction

-Click ‘Select Transaction’
-Once clicked, a pop-up window will appear, choose ‘Initial Registration’
-Fill up information that was asked by the system
-Click ‘Done’ once you’re done

Step 4: Set an appointment

-Choose between ‘PRC Regional Office’ or ‘Service Center’ where you want the registration to take place
-Once done choosing, click ‘Proceed’

Step 5: Choose payment option you preferred

Here are the choices:
-Land Bank
-Credit or Debit Card (Powered by PayMaya or VISA)
-PRC Regional Office or service center on the day of your appointment.

Step 6: Print the Oath Form

As soon as your payment was submitted, you will be allowed to download your oath form and print it

How to print your Oath form:

-Sign in to your account
-Click ‘Existing Transaction’
-An option will be displayed, choose ‘Print Document’

Step 7: Submit the requirements

-On the day of your appointment, submit all the requirements to the PRC officer
-Sign in to the Registry Sheet
-Once done signing in, the office will give you the mass oath-taking schedule
-Do not forget to get your “Claiming Slip” it shows when you can get your Professional Identification Card (PIC) and Certificate of Registration (COR)

Step 8: Attend Oath Taking Ceremony

Attend the oath-taking ceremony, your PRC ID and COR will be given. So make sure you will be able to attend. However, if you failed to do so, you can still get your ID and COR at the Registration Division of the PRC office within 5 days upon the oath-taking day. An explanation of why you aren’t able to attend the ceremony is also needed.

Note: The PRC ID is valid for three (3) years, but it is renewable during your birth month.

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