Guide on How to Ask Medical Assistance from PCSO

Being sick or having a sick family member is very difficult to bear, especially if you are financially incapacitated. This is one of the most recurring and unresolvable problems here in the Philippines. Good thing Medical Assistance from PCSO is now available. They offer assistance in terms of medication to help our unfortunate fellow Filipino.

Medical Assistance from PCSO

Here’s How to Ask Medical Assistance from PCSO:

Step 1. Get a Physical Abstract from the Doctor that you consulted.

Make sure that the Physical Abstract contain this information:
-Medicine needed with prices
-Hospital Service needed
-Professional Fee
-The license number of the Doctor in charge with signature

Step 2. Ask for the Official Hospital Billing Statement from the Finance Department.
Make sure that the Billing Statement has a signature and hospital seal for it to be valid and accepted by the PCSO.

Step 3. Go to your Barangay Captain and request a Certification which shows that you are a relative of the patient and you are financially incapable to pay for the bills.

Step 4. Prepare a letter, address it to the manager or the chairman.

The letter must indicate this information:
-The condition of the patient
-The assistance you needed
-Why are you asking for help

Must do when creating a letter:
-Use the Filipino language
-Make it simple, do not use deep words
-Start with a greeting
-Followed by the reason why you are writing a letter
-Then explain why you can’t pay for the bills
-Lastly, a closing salutation

Take note that PCSO may not address your concern quickly because there are so many fellow Filipino who ask for help from them. Be patient while waiting and be thankful when the help you asked for was granted.

For more inquiries, you may contact PCSO using this hotline: 733-4945

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