Guide on How to Get a Land Title in the Philippines

What is Land Title?

It is a form of land reform in which all the private individuals and families will be given a formal property right for the land which they have previously owned informally or used on the basis of customary land tenure.

Why Land Titling is important?

Land titling is very essential whether it is for private use or commercial use. The main purpose of land titling is to protect property rights, to facilitate transactions inland, and to be able to use the land as collateral for a loan. It also provides incentives for investment inland. So, all in all, it helps in sustaining economic development.

In addition, having a land title is strong proof or evidence that the land is yours

How to get Land Title

Three reasons why the Land Registration Authority (LRA) issues a land title:

  1. For sale purposes of the property
  2. Consolidation resulting from mortgage foreclosure
  3. Evidence or proof for involuntary transactions and movements such as court orders.

Here are the requirements:

  • Full size printed copy of a survey plan duly approved by the Regional Technical Director, Land Management Service of the DENR. Must be certified as a true copy by the Branch Clerk of Court
  • Latest tax assessment
  • Copy of the accompanying technical description certified as a true copy by the Branch Clerk of Court
  • Geodetic Engineer’s Certificate on the approved plan 
  • Publication fee official receipt

Here’s the Land Title Process:

  • Once you have all the requirements needed, visit the Registry of Deeds (RD) at your location
  • Submit all the documents to the RD.
  • Once submitted, you will receive an Electronic Primary Entry Book (EPEB) number. That will serve as proof that they have received all the documents
  • Proceed to the payment section and pay for the fee
  • Patiently wait while the examiner validate your documents
  • Once all the documents were verified, they will now process and encode it
  • Once done with the encoding process, a copy of the land title will be ready for the printing process
  • The land title will be issued once the same day you apply for it.

    Be patient, there will be a lot of verification process when applying for a Land Title, it is being done to make sure that all the documents are legit and not fake.

    LRA also implements a first come first serve basis and no fixers are tolerated.

    For more inquiries, you may contact LRA using this hotline and email:
    LRA Aksyon Agad Center 0919-3549809/0905-2586289
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Landline: 9211383

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