How Much Does COVID-19 Treatment Will Cost?

What is COVID-19 and how much COVID-19 treatment cost?
Coronavirus disease or COVID-19 is an infectious disease that is spreading all around the world. This new disease will cause an infected person with a respiratory illness. The symptoms if you have the virus are coughing, fever, and difficulty in breathing for severe cases.

Let’s all admit it, many people can’t afford hospitalization because of expensive healthcare services here in the Philippines. Especially for those people who aren’t financially stable, because if they got infected they don’t have the capability to pay for the bills that COVID-19 will cost them, which means people are more scared to the Coronavirus treatment cost that the virus itself.

As time pass by, positive cases keep on rising and some even lead to death all over the country. Even if we don’t want to get the virus, we are not sure since the virus is an invisible enemy, we can’t predict when and how we might get it.

That’s why our government is advising Filipinos to be very strict in implementing social distancing and good hygiene because that is the only way we can protect ourself and family from getting infected because unfortunately, as of this moment, a cure for COVID-19 hasn’t been created yet as per DOH, but they are already on the process of creating with the help of other countries. Hopefully, they create it as soon as possible to stop this pandemic, so that we can go back to our normal life.

So, How Much Does Coronavirus treatment Cost?

As of this moment there’s no exact or detailed breakdown of expenses for COVID-19 treatment, because the treatment cost depends on how severe the condition is.

Severe cases of COVID will cost as much as a million pesos.
For instance, a patient who recovered from COVID-19 who got admitted to a private hospital in Metro Manila paid Php 1.1 million for 18 days of being admitted to the hospital.
As per the interview with the family member of a recovered patient they disclosed the following:

Major Expenses:

-Medication (Php 305,636.06)
Ventilator (Php 123,665)
Laboratory Test (Php 178, 820)
Emergency Room with Emergency Equipments (Php 176,945)
-Admission Fee (Php 55, 700)

In addition, the ambulance service and first testing will be shouldered by the Local Government.

Undeniably, this pandemic will bring torment to everyone who will get infected. It will be very helpful if we follow what the government advise us to do instead of complaining. The more we expose our self in public the higher the risk. It is very crucial to practice social distancing and hand washing. Discipline and cooperation will be a very big help until we find a cure. Let’s all be a good and obedient citizen.

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