How To Earn Money While At Home During Lockdown

Rather than staying at home and doing nothing, why not use your time to earn money during lockdown while at home due to COVID.

Staying at home isn’t as easy as it may seem but it is a must thing to do if you want to protect yourself and your family. Many have been affected by this new pandemic that is spreading all over the world. Some have been forced to stop going to work and lucky for those who can take their work at home.

Good thing is that our Government is trying its best to provide help for everyone in need. However, it may not be enough to sustain daily needs if the lockdown keeps on being prolonged.

Here Are Some Ways to Earn Money During Lockdown:

Sell Out Your Old Things Online

If you have so many things that you don’t use anymore but you think might be useful to others, why not sell them? You will clear up your space and earn money as well, isn’t it a win-win situation?

You can sell items such as old clothes, shoes, bags, books and any other things that you think will still be useful to others. Start looking now and post it on social media platforms such as a Facebook marketplace or in the carousel application.

Sell Snacks to Your Neighbors

Cooking is a good activity to do if you have a lot of extra time. If you are good at cooking this might be perfect for you and this is the perfect time to show your skills. Cook food that you think others might like. You can sell it to your neighbors and you can even post it on social media to attract more customers. Just make sure that everything you use is clean to avoid any contamination and practice social distancing when delivering or giving the food to the customer.

Rent Out Your Car

At this moment, riding public transportation is not a good thing to do. because the more you expose yourself too much in public, the higher the risk you might get infected.
So if you have a car that you do not use, you might consider renting it out to other people who need it. It will be a good source of money instead of stocking your car in your garage. Just make sure to explain all the do’s and dont’s before you rent your car to avoid any problem.

Rent Out Your Driveway

This time, all people would prefer to bring their own car instead of risking their self commuting in public transportation. However, due to the increased usage of private vehicles, the company garage might not accommodate all the cars. So if you live in a city near workplaces, you might consider opening your garage and renting it out to other people.
You earn and help at the same time.

Start a Prepaid Loading Business Online

Loading business is in demand as of this moment because of lockdown. Especially for those people who don’t have Wi-Fi at home so take advantage of the moment, while earning you are able to help people lessen their boredom by selling them load, for them to use streaming and whatever they prefer to do online.

Be a Freelance Writer

This will be perfect and applicable to those people who got writing experience and those who love to write specifically Mass Communication and Journalism professionals. There are so many websites that hire a writer that can create or write content for their website. Just be advised that website creators don’t always advertise finding a writer, so you should do research and once you find one, it will be better if you email them directly and inquire

Be a Virtual Assistant

There are so many online businesses that need an extra assistant to help them with different tasks. You can work for them as a graphic designer to something as simple as replying to emails. Either way, you will earn as long as you fulfill your duties. Try searching online for the online businesses who are in need of a Virtual Assistant, email them directly, and inquire, but please be advised that even though this a work-at-home job, this requires effort, time, and most especially a strong and fast internet connection.

Be An Online Tutor

If your profession is teaching or you have a passion for teaching others with your knowledge, this might work for you. There are many sites that offer online tutoring jobs, one of them is LearnMate. You can teach students English, Math, Science, and Foreign Languages. This might seem easy but this job requires a lot of patience and effort. If you think you can fulfill the duties of being an online tutor, look for a perfect tutoring platform now and inquire.

Start Vlogging Career

If you have a passion or hobby that might be interesting to others, you may consider starting your vlogging career. Vlogging might not provide your income at first but as time pass by it will, as long as you’re exerting effort and you’re consistent in uploading, there’s a big chance that you will get a lot of views and followers. The higher volume of views, the more you will earn. So start thinking of a thing that might be funny or entertaining to others.

This article does not provide assurance but this might help you and give you idea which can help at this time.

All of us are experiencing the same situation, and we know for sure how hard it is to sustain daily needs without a source of income, lucky for those who are financially blessed, you must be thankful. But for those who don’t have much, let’s all make an extra effort on how to earn money during the lockdown. Just make sure to keep yourself healthy. Stay at home, wash hands regularly and practice social distancing.

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